How To Get Naturally Clear Men's Skin (Best Products And What Not To Do)

Clear skin isn’t just an issue for the voice-cracking pubescent crowd. 

Grown men get spots too. Fact. 

So how do you cleanse your skin as an adult guy? And, more importantly, how do you do it without subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals and ingredients?

Invest in high quality, natural products of course! As you probably know, natural ingredients are far better than synthetic chemicals when it comes to caring for men's facial skin.

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But acne isn’t the only blemish-creating issue for adult males.There’s eczema, blackheads, rashes, and dark spots to worry about as well, wheeeee! Fortunately, when it comes to getting clear skin for men, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Here are a few ways to take care of your skin naturally to make it look as clean and fresh as it can be.

Does face wash give you clear skin?

This one seems like a no-brainer, but shockingly enough, a recent survey of a thousand men showed that 33% of men don't wash their faces on a daily basis. And if that makes you want to chunder, consider this: The same survey showed that men aged 18 - 24 are twice as likely to NEVER wash their faces as men aged 45 - 51. 

I think you know what our advice here is going to be: Wash your bloody face! Here’s a whole article we’ve written on finding right facial cleansers for your particular skin type if you’re confused and needing a solid dose of guidance. 

Washing with a good cleanser once or twice a day will not only clean excess oil and dirt—which can lead to breakouts—but it will also help make your skin look fresh by sloughing off old skin cells that can make skin look dull. 

You should also try to be more aware about touching your face repeatedly (a generally good rule to follow in today’s germy world) and change your pillowcase regularly. Since your face probably spends one third of its day on that pillowcase, keeping it clean is a must.

Should you exfoliate weekly?

So, you’re one of the 66% of men that aren’t revolting bogans who don’t regularly wash their faces—and yet you’re still experiencing less than clear skin. Well, mate, are you exfoliating?

 Exfoliation, as we’ve said in this handy dandy introductory guide to exfoliating man’s face, is the process of removing excess dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. You want to exfoliate on a regular basis to prevent clogged pores, which lead to breakouts and sometimes even infections. 

Too much exfoliation can be a bad thing, too. It can irritate the skin and leave it too dry by stripping too much of the natural sebum away. This can actually lead to even more greasiness. Why? Because if your skin gets the message that it’s now too dry, it will go into overdrive to compensate for its newfound dryness by producing even more oil. 

That’s why you want to exfoliate at the right time and frequency. Two to three times a week is usually a good amount of exfoliation for most men. You can adjust if it seems like your skin is getting irritated. 

But as a general rule of thumb, exfoliating is best done at night, after your face has had a chance to collect all the filth and grime it can for the day. 

And don’t forget, we don’t just have a truly excellent natural face scrub in our arsenal, we also have an out-of-this-world sea salt body scrub for sloughing off the dead skin cells all over your body.

Does shaving help acne or make it worse?

Shaving is a double-edged sword (razor?). While shaving does help with exfoliation by scraping away dead skin cells, it can also easily cause irritation, razor burn, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs if not done right. 

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This is a problem for anyone who shaves any part of their body, but it is especially problematic for men. Because if you’re shaving your face, you’re typically doing it daily (versus shaving a random body part maybe once a week or so). 

Unfortunately, ingrown hairs happen when the hair gets trapped under the skin instead of growing out of it. This leads to inflammation, redness, and small hard bumps. There’s also razor burn - discussed in this article about proper shaving techniques - which is technically called folliculitis and is a mild infection of the hair follicles. Both issues are exactly zero percent fun, which is why you want to shave properly for clear skin. 

Start off by cleaning your face and properly exfoliating on a regular basis as described above. This will remove dead skin cells and make sure your skin is not rife with bacteria that could get into the microscopic skin breaks caused by shaving and start an unpleasant infection. 

Before even letting that razor grace your skin, wet your face with warm water to soften the hair and open up the follicle. Also, always shave in the direction the hair grows and wipe the blade off between swipes. After you’re done, consider using an all-natural aftershave balm to rehydrate the skin, calm any irritation, and further prevent infections.

What factors contribute to good skin care?

Here’s the part where we tell you all the other global lifestyle things you should be doing to sustain your general existence and live to be 250 years old which, when neglected, also seem to contribute to every other problem you have in your life.

  • Sleep - get a bunch of it. 
  • Water - drink enough of it. 
  • Moisturize - do it regularly. 
  • Stress - avoid it at all costs.* (*Not to mention, there’s a direct correlation between stress and breakouts.) 


Another thing you’re going to want to do is go for the gentlest, most natural skincare products possible, especially if you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritations and breakouts. 

One thing that’s particularly great about VITAMAN is our use of all-natural ingredients that have been around and used for centuries. 

Many of our products contain chamomile, which, besides being your grandma’s favorite herbal tea, has been used for centuries for topical skin issues because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Australia’s own kakadu plum is also featured in our product line and also reduces inflammation and helps even skin tone. 

The good news is: If you follow these super simple steps, you’ll be off to a great start in your lifelong quest for flawlessly clear skin!

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