Hair Loss After 40 - How To Prevent It

Hair Loss After 40 - How To Prevent It

Frustrated and tired of your receding hairline, excessive hair loss, and thinning now that you've passed the big 4-0?

Everyone wants to retain their thick, lustrous hair as they age. But sadly, our hair goes through changes just like everything else. 

The hormones in the body transition as you get older so that your once shining, vibrant hair begins to thin and fall off — sometimes a little, and sometimes, a tad too much. Losing some hair is a part of the aging process, but that doesn't mean you're doomed to a bald-headed future just yet...

There are many practical ways to combat hair loss after 40! In this article, we will show you exactly how to grow and retain your full head of hair, so keep reading for pro tips! 

how to stop hair loss after 40 for men

What Causes Hair Loss In Men Over 40? 

Everyone is going to tell you losing your hair after forty is normal. But what’s the reason behind it? Why do more than 53% of men over forty experience fallout? 

Let's take a look at some of the possible reasons:  


Sometimes, hair loss is hereditary. Studies tell us that hair loss can come from both sides of the family, so if your folks experience it, it's likely that you might too.  

Genetic hair loss usually shows up around your hairline or at the middle or top of your head. So, if the majority of your hair comes off from these areas, the answer may lie in your genes.

DHT Excess  

Having an excess of the hormone DHT is also a prominent reason for hair loss in men over forty. About 80% of men suffer from hair loss due to this excess, so it's a huge factor to keep in mind!

But wait a second... Isn't DHT a form of testosterone? And isn't testosterone vital for male development?  

The hormone DHT is a type of testosterone, but excess DHT can actually alter the hair growth cycle and even shrink the hair follicles, making it harder to regrow hair!

First, the hair starts thinning, then penetrates deeply into the follicles, causing your hair to fall out even more.

Poor diet  

While you may lose your hair due to genetics or testosterone imbalance, one thing is clear: poor diet choices over time will affect your hair growth too.  

A healthy diet is a subtle, yet significant way to a full, healthy hair. So, focus on foods that boost your hair length and volume. Meals rich in vitamins, proteins, and biotin are all great choices!  

Untreated scalp infections 

Scalp infections are fairly uncommon, but there's a tiny possibility they will hamper your hair health in the long run.  

Scalp conditions like lichen planopilaris, folliculitis, and scalp ringworm cause hair breakage and although they grow back after some time, consistent hair breakage shares a similar outlook and experience with hair loss. 

So, it's best to prevent scalp infections completely, by keeping your scalp clean and free of any dirt, oil, or product buildup.

Can Men Regrow Hair After 40?  

Answering this question isn't always as straightforward as yes or no.  Thankfully, we've gone into this topic in-depth when we asked can men regrow hair naturally?

So, if you want to revive your hair, there’s hope. But, you must be ready to adopt effective hair growth habits in order to see results. 

Does Hair Growth Slow Down After 40?  

Hair growth rate slows in your middle years because it spends more time in the resting phase than the growth stage, meaning it grows more slowly compared to previous years.

You may not experience a whole load of fallout, but your locks may lose their strength and grow thinner as a result of aging. However, other factors like stress, poor diet habits, and vitamin deficiencies may also contribute to this hair thinning.

How Should Men Look After Their Hair At 40?  

Your hair growth after forty boils down to how you take care of it. Below are simple tips to give your hair the ultimate care it needs to stay healthy and full.  

Wash less often  

Although this may seem counterintuitive, if you are trying to grow stronger hair and long hair, you must wash it less frequently. The scalp is also drier than it used to be, now you’ve hit 40, so constant wash would wear it out. 

Moisturize your hair regularly

You must moisturize your hair correctly to prevent shrinkage, fallout, and breakage. It’s important to note that moisturizing your hair is different from adding excess oil to your hair!

Sometimes, excessively oily hair means clogged oils and an itchy scalp. So, rather than use extra oil, buy a natural moisturizing shampoo for men.  It thoroughly hydrates your hair and maintains its natural softness, preventing breakage and making your hair easier to manage.  

Treat flaky scalps ASAP

The state of your scalp determines how healthy your hair will be. So, get rid of unwanted hair issues like flakes that may influence the appearance and health of your hair. 

Our men's scalp treatment soothes an itchy, dry and flaky scalp. It also hydrates your scalp to keep flakes at bay, and contains all-natural goodness… So give it a try, your scalp will thank you!

Eat right  

Healthy lifestyle changes are a must when looking to retain your locks! You need nutrient-rich foods like leafy greens, sweet potatoes, nuts, and avocados. They contain essential vitamins like vitamin B, A, and E, which are excellent nutrients for long and healthy hair.  

How Can Men Over 40 Get Thicker Hair?  

Thick hair is well achievable for men over forty. So, if your hair is thinning up, you can do a few things to strengthen it. Let's check them out. 


Depending on the cause of hair loss, or how much your hair loss is affecting you, your doctor may recommend certain drugs to help with the problem.

Drugs such as Minoxidil or Finasteride work by stopping the production of DHT which, as you'll know from reading this article, is a big cause of hair loss.

Although medications can be effective, they may also have some side effects so it's important to discuss them with your doctor before starting treatment. Not only that, but usually once you stop taking the medication, your hair loss will resume as your body adjusts to not having the medication suppressing the DHT levels.


Vitamin deficiencies are another common cause of hair loss, so it's important to make sure you're getting enough of the right nutrients to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Some of the best vitamins for hair loss include biotin, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, and folic acid, which are all essential for healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss. It's especially important to include supplements in your diet if you don't eat a balanced diet.

Hair Thickening Products For Men

There are various hair thickening products that help to help restore thickness, make your locks look fuller and more voluminous, and prevent further hair loss.

These products come in different forms including thickening shampoos and conditioners that cleanse and nourish your hair, as well as products like hair thickeners, which naturally strengthen and thicken thinning hair.

One of the biggest problems with a lot of off-the-shelf ‘solutions’ is that they contain harsh chemicals that can actually damage your hair, making it more prone to breakage and causing it to appear thinner over time!

So, what's the alternative? 

You'll be glad to know that there are now plenty of hair thickening products on the market that use natural ingredients to help you achieve the same goal without any of the harmful side effects!

If you're looking for a natural solution to thicken your hair naturally, our Thinning Hair Treatment Kit For Men uses powerful natural and organic ingredients to strengthen, thicken, and volumize your hair in just three steps.

In just 4 weeks, you can expect:

  • More volume in your hair
  • Thicker hair appearance
  • Softer hair
  • Healthy scalp

And what’s more, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! You can have stronger, fuller hair or your money back - that's our guarantee!

The moment you realize the significant reasons for hair loss are factors you have no control over, it's easier to cut yourself some slack and manage your experience. 

Thankfully, there are simple, healthy practices you can adopt to revive and strengthen your hair as you grow older. So, don't obsess over how much change your hair has undergone; embrace these changes and adopt the practices discussed in this article to grow the hair you truly want!

Hair products from VITAMAN will give your hair the boost it needs to grow into your desired length, texture, and volume… We’ve got your back! (and scalp…!)

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