vitaman ultimate man's grooming routine
The BOSS Kit
vitaman ultimate man's grooming routine
The BOSS Kit

The BOSS Kit

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Look like The Boss!

It's all about creating the right first impression with confidence  -  put your best face forward with this great value kit. 

  • Bamboo Face Scrub (no spots!) 3.4oz (100ml)
  • Skin Protector (gets rid of wrinkles) 1oz (30ml)
  • I-Zone (no dark circles around your eyes) 1oz (30ml)
  • Natural Face Moisturizer (super hydrating, quick-absorbing) 3.4oz (100ml)
  • Matte Hair Mud (Adds Texture & Volume - Max Hold) 3.4oz (100g)

If used as instructed, this kit will last approximately 8 weeks.

    Look Like A BOSS


    Over a basin or in the shower, apply Face Scrub in the palm of your hands then with both hands apply it to your face and neck.

    Wet your fingertips and gently massage in circles over your face, sides & top of your nose, working down to your neck and chest (apply more product if necessary).

    Add water and keep massaging.

    It should take less than a minute to do all these areas. Then rinse. 


    Now it’s time to prime your skin with our antioxidant Skin Protector.

    This Vitamin C infusion protects your skin from environmental damage.  Apply 1 – 2 pumps all over the face (and neck)

    STEP 3 - IZONE

    To stop fine lines from developing into wrinkles, our eye serum for men IZONE intensely hydrates the fine eye area and lip lines, above and around your lips.

    Apply one pump to your fingertips and starting at the outer corners of your eyes, gently spread it in towards your nose then over the eyelids.

    Try not to make the skin move!

    Finish off with your lips, applying around and on top.


    The last step - apply our natural men's Face Moisturiser over your face and neck.

    Do this routine regularly and you’ll look awesome! 


    Apply a small amount to the palm of our men's hair clay to your hands and rub together to warm the mud. Once warmed, style hair as desired.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Great face care products!

      I recently purchased the Boss Kit, and love the 4 step face care routine and products. The face scrub, Skin Protector, IZone, and Moisturizer are each unique, rich, and high quality in all regards. I'm happy to be using more natural products on my face, and very pleased with the quality and performance of these Vitaman products.

      Hi Christopher - thanks so much for your great review of The Boss Kit. I'm glad you've noticed a difference already using natural products, it'll only get more noticeable! Enjoy your products. Cheers, Clare - VITAMAN Founder

      Effective and Clean Plant Based Products

      Having worked for over 5 years in skincare, I often find myself quickly spinning bottles and tubes to the back in order to examine the ingredient list. I first discovered Vitaman products while looking for an effective scalp treatment and decided to give hair food a shot. I was thoroughly impressed with the volume and light styling it offers while being absolutely loaded with ingredients designed to stimulate blood flow to the scalp for a healthy follicle and hair shaft. I recently purchased the boss kit and to no surprise, every product in their line delivers. The moisturizer is a nice medium weight/non-greasy hydrator for every day use. The scrub and skin protector create as close to a “healthy glow” that a man could desire. And the i zone is a perfect 2-1 product that focuses on areas that men tend to ignore until it’s too late! Thank you for creating effective skincare products without the junk/preservatives/fillers and dyes that other popular lines use. Highly recommended for any guy looking to up their game in one purchase.

      Hi Trent - Thank you for taking the time to give such a great review. Really appreciate your comments from someone who has worked in the skincare industry. We pride ourselves in leaving fillers and harsh chemicals out of our formulas. Please send us a selfie so we can feature you on instagram. Cheers Clare, VITAMAN Founder

      Looking and feeling good

      I am pleased with the Boss Kit to date. The iZone looks to be firming up around my eyes and the Hair Mudd holds and styles without leaving any residue. The moisturizer goes on well and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. The Skin Protector could add some form of sunscreen to add to its environmental protection.

      Hi BW - thanks for your review and I'm delighted you're enjoying the BOSS Kit. Thanks for your feedback about sunscreen - it's something we're looking into. Look forward to speaking soon, Gavin - VITAMAN

      Best I've ever used

      I'm very impressed with all of the products in this kit. The face moisturizer is fantastic, but I wish it had an spf in there as this would make it second to none. The mud provides great hold without being crunchy or too stiff. The facial scrub is the best I have found anywhere. The eye cream actually does what it says it does which is saying something. Finally the facial skin protector does a great job proving a sealing effect to keep contaminants out. Love this stuff, just please add a spf to the moisturizer so I don't have to hesitate when purchasing again!

      Hi Jonathan, thank you for your review. We are looking into creating an SPF protecter so please watch this space. Thanks again and I look forward to speaking soon. Gavin - VITAMAN.

      First Skin Product Ever Given a Review

      This is the first skin product I've ever felt performed the way it was advertised. Not greasy, absorbs into the skin and has a pleasant scent that helps you wake up in the morning. I've used it for about a month and it really does a great job.

      Hi Bill, thanks for your review! I'm glad you're loving the Skin Protector. Look forward to speaking again soon - Gavin

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