natural aluminum and alcohol free deodorant for men
ingredients in natural deodorant for men
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natural deodorant ocean
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Natural Deodorant - Ocean
natural aluminum and alcohol free deodorant for men
ingredients in natural deodorant for men
real customer review vitaman
customer review vitaman usa
verified review customer
natural deodorant ocean
body spray for men
Natural Deodorant - Ocean

Natural Deodorant - Ocean

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🇦🇺 Aussie Hero Ingredient: Eucalyptus Oil - a calming, soothing oil suitable for irritated or sensitive skin. Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, and Antiseptic.

Why You'll Love Ocean Deodorant

  • Subtle, natural aroma that smells great - Spearmint, Lavender and Eucalyptus (cool, invigorating, refreshing, with subtle mint)
  • Especially effective for men 40+ 
  • NO aluminum
  • If used as instructed, this product lasts 3+ months!
  • Perfect for men with sensitive skin
  • All-day protection
  • Doesn't block your pores or sting your underarms
  • Won't give you painful red rashes
  • Won't leave your shirts crispy and yellow
  • No artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals
  • Features our invigorating ‘Ocean’ aroma - cool and refreshing
  • pH balanced to suit the chemistry of your skin

Our GQ award-winning best natural deodorant for men is perfect for men with sensitive skin. It won't give you painful, stinging underarm rashes, it doesn't block your pores like antiperspirant, and it won't leave your shirts stained and crispy at the end of the day. 

In just 4 weeks, you can expect:

  • No arm-pit rash
  • No clogged pores
  • No stained and crispy shirts
  • No dry, irritated armpits

3.4oz (100ml).

If used as instructed, this product will last approximately 3 months.

How To Use

  • Spray 2-3 pumps underneath both arms and any other part of the body as required

🇦🇺 Hero Aussie Ingredients


Australian White Tea Leaf Extract – Studies have shown that white tea has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and can strengthen and protect the skin matrix. Its rejuvenating impact sets it apart from other tea-based skin care agents. White tea can provide partial protection from UV damage caused by the sun.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - Promotes minor wounds, burns, and rash healing and is an excellent moisturizer and emollient. It's also an ideal soother, healer, repairer, and collagen booster.

Australian Peppermint Oil - Stimulates circulation, which brings fresh blood supply to your skin cells.


Synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, artificial colors, harsh detergents, propylene glycols, MEA/DEA/TEA, petrolatum, mineral oils, phthalates, sulfates, Triclosan, sulfates, parabens, silicones, EDTA


camellia sinensis (white tea) leaf extract*+, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*+, glycerin (coconut)+, polysorbate 20 (coconut)+, phenoxyethanol cupressus sempervirens (cypress) wood oil*+ , mentha piperita (peppermint) oil*+, mentha, viridis (spearmint) leaf oil*+, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil*+, eucalyptus globulus, (eucalyptus) leaf oil*+, benzylkonium chloride

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Bryan Warren
Trying it out

As I just started this my body hasn't adjusted quite yet. I apply it twice a day otherwise by mid-afternoon I'm smelling like I haven't washed for a few days. I do like the lighter feel not attainable with solid or roll-on deodorants. No flaking here, with a decent scent that doesn't overpower my cologne. Probably not my choice of deodorant in the long run, but a nice alternative. Shame it is pricey for a small bottle, but told it will last a while, testing this part out.

Hey Bryan, thank you so much for leaving us a review - we really appreciate it!

We really appreciate the honesty in your review - to tell you the truth, to me it seems that our deodorant perhaps doesn't mix perfectly well with your skin's chemistry and this is the result of it not being long lasting for you. We have VITAMEN who swear by our deodorant and the scent stays on them throughout the whole day (sometimes even longer!)

I'll be reaching out to you separately to see how the product is performing now :)

Again, thank you for your honesty and looking forward to talking to you soon! Julia - VITAMAN USA

Christopher Ovard
Pleasant fragrance, & long lasting

With a good list of safe ingredients, and a pleasant aroma, this is the only deodorant I use now. It last all day long as well. It may seem to be a little pricey to some, but I get around 2 months out of a bottle with 5-7 sprays per underarm. It dries fairly quickly, less than 1 minute. In addition to great products, the customer service with VitaMan is second to none!

Hey Christopher, thank you so much for leaving us a review - we really appreciate it!

We're happy to hear that you're so satisfied with our Ocean deodorant. We have to agree it's an amazing product and it lasts a long time!

After all, it wasn't a GQ Award Winning product for no reason :)

Look forward to speaking again soon! - Dom, VITAMAN USA

Kevin Letts
The better choice for deoderant.

I bought this because it was more natural and none of the chemicals that can come back and potentially bite me in the future. It works well, smells good and doesn't have such a strong overpowering odor that the person three seats down from me can smell it. I'll be ordering more.

Hey Kevin, thank you so much for leaving us a review - we really appreciate it!

We're glad to hear that you love our Deodorant and we're sure that's not going to change any time soon :)

Look forward to speaking again. - Dom, VITAMAN USA

Brandon Hutchison
No More Allergic Reactions to Deoderant

It seemed like i was allergic to every deodorant I've tried. Rashes, burning, itching etc. even the "Natural Organic". At one point i just quit using deodorant cold turkey. That lasted a little over a year. I wanted to get a scent back. so back to the internet for some research. By chance I came across VITAMAN Ocean and now I'm on my 5th bottle with no signs of any allergic reactions. This stuff actually works!

Hey Brandon, thank you so much for leaving us a review - I really appreciate it!

I'm happy to hear that you were finally able to find the right deodorant for yourself! Many off-the-shelf options contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients that cause the rashes and burning - we are proud to be able to say ours don't, and as you saw for yourself, it makes a huge difference! It's great to have another satisfied VITAMAN :)

Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN USA

Cody B.
I fell in love

Not only does this deodorant smell just amazing, but it doesn't irritate my underarms at all. I do shave my underarms, and I usually find that for the next couple days they can be sensitive to deodorant. This however doesn't do anything to agitate them at all, which gives me a big sigh of relief. As someone who's only deodorant spray experience was using lots of Axe back in high school, I can without a doubt say this is a far superior product, and I look forward to getting it again!

Hey Cody, thank you so much for leaving us a review. I really appreciate it!

I'm happy to hear you love the deodorant - it can sometimes be hard to find something that doesn't break out your pits, but that's one of the main reasons we wanted to make it all-natural. Enjoy!!

Look forward to speaking again soon. - Nate, VITAMAN