5 Myths About Australian Culture You Won’t Believe Are True

At VITAMAN, we love nothing more than to read all of the hilarious comments other countries make about Australia and its culture. Some of them are wrong, some are questionable, and some of them are 100% true.

We get it - to a lot of folks, the land down-under looks like an exotic place filled with kangaroos, boomerangs, and more deadly spiders than you can shake a stick at. 

But we think it’s about time someone set the record straight. In the countdown to Australia Day, we’re taking you through the 5 myths about Australian culture that you won’t believe are true.


#1 - All Australians Can Throw A Boomerang

Every Australian on the continent can throw a boomerang - whether it will come back or not is another matter.

The boomerang is a cultural symbol of indigenous heritage for the Aboriginal people. It’s very common for enthusiasts to run boomerang workshops in schools and youth groups to help keep this ancient art form alive. 

The fact is - correctly using a boomerang isn’t just a matter of throwing the thing in the air and hoping it returns. A precise technique has to be learned and practiced to perfect what was once a deadly aboriginal weapon. 

So yes, all Aussies have had the chance to throw a boomerang at some point in their lives. However, contrary to popular belief, many Australians struggle to make it return as it should. 

#2 - Australians Love To Say "G’day mate!"

The Yanks say, "Howdy!"

The Brits say, "Ello Gov’nor."

The Aussies say, "G’day mate!"

Let’s get real. Not all Americans greet each other with "Howdy!". Not all Englishmen say "Ello Gov’nor." 

But Australians do love to say ’G’day mate.’ It’s on our list for a good reason - this well-loved greeting is widely used across every part of the Australian continent. 

For those not in the know - "G’day mate" is a shortened version of the phrase "Good day, mate" and is used in social greetings. 

Pro tip - don’t get confused about using the word "mate." Sure, it technically means friend or buddy, but in Aus, you can use it to address another person whether you know them personally or not. It’s a good thing - when you travel down under, everyone is your friend whether you know them or not. 


#3 - Aussies Love Vegemite 

Australians freaking love Vegemite - there, I said it. 

I’m not saying that every Australian would want to eat it. However, Vegemite is very highly regarded down-under as a staple Australian cuisine. It is a dark brown spread made of yeast extract and various vegetable and spice extracts. 

Vegemite goes well on toast, in a cheese sandwich, or with crushed avocado for those who enjoy the taste. It might be an Australian stereotype, but Vegemite has earned its place in Australian history as one heck of a great spread. 

What makes this even more interesting? Men At Work (the famed Aussie rock band) included Vegemite in the lyrics to their song Land Down Under, which is widely considered an Australian rock classic and cultural tribute to the ways of our great homeland.

#4 - The Outback Is Full Of Dangerous Critters 

Cards on the table: Australia has a few deadly animals roaming around. But it’s not like there’s a Box Jellyfish swimming in everyone’s backyard pool. 

Australian wildlife spreads out over a vast land area. 7.692 million km², to be exact. So yes, there are deadly spiders, snakes, Jellyfish, Lizards, and god knows what else running around on this great continent, but with a bit of common sense, most people can avoid them!

Feel like going for a swim? Maybe avoid the dark swampland lakes and opt for an indoor swimming pool instead. 

Poisonous creatures aside - some of the world’s most amazing animals call Australia their home. Have you ever heard of the Platypus? It’s a mammal that’s got a beak, lays eggs, and fights off predators with a sting.

#5 - Kangaroos Are Everywhere 

Kangaroos aren’t literally on every street corner. However, there are more kangaroos down-under than many people might think.

Let’s do the maths. An estimated 42 million kangaroos are populating the 7.692 million km² of Australian soil. That means around five kangaroos inhabit every square meter of Australian land.

In real life, that’s not the case. Some places have a dense Kanga population while others have less. However, it puts the sheer mass of this creature into perspective when you consider one adult male Kangaroo can weigh up to 90kg and be nearly 2 meters in height.  

Kangaroos might be an Australian stereotype, but it appears there’s an excellent reason for that, which is why they take pride of place on our list of 5 myths about Australian culture you won’t believe are true!

#6 - Bonus Interesting Australian Fact! Saudi Arabia Imports Its Camels from Down Under 

Many of the guys at VITAMAN had no clue about this bonus item on our list of interesting Australian facts. It turns out Saudi Arabia imports a lot of its camel population from Australia - who knew?

Australia has the largest wild camel herd globally - with an estimated 1 million camels roaming the outback sands. Let’s be honest; we’ve got enough crazy wildlife as it is - so it only made sense for us to send over some of our herd to help those guys out. 

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