We know what you’re thinking. There are 1000s of men’s skin and hair care companies out there.

So what makes us so great?

Well firstly, we’re Australian. And we think that’s as good a reason as any to choose us over anyone else. :)

But most importantly, we care about you.

We don’t want you putting harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances on that handsome face of yours, or on your skin and hair. And we’re pretty sure you don’t want to either.

Our products are made from purest, healthiest organically certified ingredients you’ll find. In fact - our ingredients are so natural, you could almost eat them. (But please don’t try it. We did… they smell great but taste terrible.)

And we’re authentic. Our products are actually made in Sydney, Australia and shipped direct to you. Why? Because all our ingredients are sourced from our own natural laboratory - the Australian outback.

This means you get skin and hair care products which contain 100% pure ingredients.

You’ll never see the words ‘sulphates’, ‘parabens’ or ‘glycols’ (or anything else that sounds like a disease) in our ingredients. You’ll just see wonderful words like Aloe Vera, Paw Paw Fruit (bet you don’t know what that is), Sweet Orange Peel and Bilberry Fruit.

So in a (coco)nut shell: We’re Australian, we’re natural and we live and breathe what we do. Our goal is to give you the healthiest, purest men’s skin and hair care products you’ll ever find.