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5 Weird & Wonderful World Records held Down Under

Last month, an Australian Police Force built the world’s longest human-made paper chain, clocking in at a whopping 4.93km in length.

To celebrate this unusual but impressive achievement, we’re reviewing some of the weird and wonderful (and sometimes disgusting!) world record-breaking achievements of everyone’s favorite country - Australia! 

So, without further ado…

meat pies australia

#1 - Quickest Eater of 12 Meat Pies

On April 4th 2014, Mr. Isaac Harding-Davis took around 4 minutes, 45 seconds to scoff down 12 meat pies. We’re not talking about petite pies here; each record-setting pie had to weigh 150g and be filled to the brim. That means, in just under 5 minutes, Isaac Harding-Davis consumed around 4800 calories!

Given the fact that he’s Australian #1 competitive eater, we could say that it was just another day in the office for him!

#2 - Longest Plank Position

Daniel Scali’s abs burned for 9.5 hours in the plank position. Beating the previous record of 8 hours and 15 minutes, Mr. Scali rose against the odds and added 1 hour 15 minutes to the record. What’s more, he did it all while suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in his left arm!

rubiks cube australia

#3 - Fastest Rubik's Cube Reshuffle

In 2018, Feliks Zemdegs solved a fully scrambled Rubik’s cube in exactly 4.22 seconds - breaking the previous world record by only 0.37 seconds! However, that isn’t the only record that Mr. Zemdegs has set. Across the various ‘Speedcube’ events he has attended, Feliks has set over 100 world records in different cubing categories. 

#4 - Loudest Burp

On July 29th 2021, Neville Sharp belched his way to a world record 112.4 decibels. To put that into perspective, the average drill clocks in at 90 decibels, so Neville Sharp actually surpassed the noise of a power tool by a whole 22.4 decibels using only his gut gas. 

#5 - Largest Tire Burnout 

    In January of 2019, 126 drivers took to the Summernats Car Festival in Canberra with one purpose - to create  the largest simultaneous tire burnout the world has ever seen. They succeeded and took the world record home for Australia for good. Shortly after, The Guinness World Record Association banned this record for environmental reasons. It’s our forever!

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