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5 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Myrtle

Put your hands together for the mighty Lemon Myrtle - the native Australian Health Hero. 

This zesty flower was prized by aboriginal folks for its powerful healing properties. It’s packed full of minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium, as well as vitamins A and E.

And believe it or not, Lemon Myrtle contains the highest purity of citral of any citrus, making it more lemony than lemons themselves.

Fasten your seatbelts - we're going on a whistle-stop tour of the huge benefits of Lemon Myrtle and how this magic ingredient can have a lifelong positive effect on the health of your mind, body and skin.

lemon myrtle benefits

Benefit #1 - Lemon Myrtle Can Reduce Skin Irritation

Is there anything worse than an itch that just won’t quit?

Don’t scratch yourself red-raw! There’s a far easier way. 

For thousands of years, Aussies have used Lemon Myrtle as a source of anti-inflammatory medicine. Sometimes they eat it, sometimes they drink it in tea and sometimes they rub it on their skin. Whatever your preference for application, this versatile shrub is what I like to call a magic ingredient.

It contains a specific compound that weakens the strength of the chemicals causing irritation and helps to combat the cause of puffy, itchy skin at the source. We use Lemon Myrtle in our natural face wash which helps clean the dirt from your face that could cause severe irritation.

Benefit #2 - Lemon Myrtle Helps Prevent Breakouts 

We've all been there. 

It's the day of that big presentation at work. You pick out your best suit and tie, style your hair just right and then inspect your face in the mirror. 

That’s when you see it! Staring back at you, on the very tip of your nose, a zit the size of Ayers Rock. 

Among the many Lemon Myrtle benefits, this ingredient has the power to stop breakouts before they rear their ugly heads - literally!

Show no mercy - apply Lemon Myrtle to that zit to help balance the skin's oil levels. This zest machine is naturally antibacterial and can work to neutralize any germs or oils that may cause a sudden breakout of acne. You can find Lemon Myrtle in our natural face scrub, which helps prevent breakouts.

Benefit #3 - Lemon Myrtle Is A Powerful Antimicrobial 

Lemon Myrtle is sometimes referred to as Australia's natural sanitizer. 

As the world’s richest known source of citral, Lemon Myrtle contains a gargantuan amount of sour zestiness that makes it perfect for killing the bacteria and microorganisms that grow on unclean skin. 

In short - Lemon Myrtle cleanses the skin and removes the cause of breakouts, oil and grime before they become problematic. We use it in our natural face moisturizer which will ensure your face looks amazing throughout the day.

What's more - the tangy scent of Lemon Myrtle smells excellent and ensures you stay fresh, even hours after application.

relaxed man lemon myrtle benefit

Benefit #4 - Lemon Myrtle Can Relieve Stress and Headaches

Aside from grooming - Lemon Myrtle also relieves headaches brought on by congestion and stress. 

The soothing scent of lemon has been proven to promote positivity and relaxation. Scent is a powerful thing - the smell of lemon has been proven to cut through stressful thoughts and allow the mind to recalibrate.

Furthermore - the strong zest of Lemon Myrtle is an effective method of clearing sinus blocks, relieving headaches and facial discomfort. We all know the relief of having a blocked nose suddenly clear to make way for that sweet, fresh air - satisfaction at last! 

Benefit #5 - Lemon Myrtle Is A Great Source Of Antioxidants 

Antioxidants fight back against the nasty parts of our bodies - the germs and cells that the body produces which can be responsible for self-destruction and severe illness! 

Lemon Myrtle and other herbs like green tea are famous for their antioxidizing benefits. When consumed or applied to the skin, these compounds get to work preventing illness by protecting your body's cells.

The more antioxidants you consume, the healthier your cells will become which decreases the likelihood of illness, skin problems and fatigue. 

Here at VITAMAN, we’re just crazy about the benefits of using Lemon Myrtle in our daily skincare routine.

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