What Kind Of Deodorant Is Best For Smelly Armpits?

Of all the senses, smell is perhaps the hardest to elucidate and yet the most important. 

Our sense of smell evolved to tell us about our environments on a microscopic level. It told us where the food was and when it had gone bad. We can smell smoke long before we see a fire.

So why is it that the smell of our bodies can be so absolutely revolting to the people around us and us? 

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From nosegays to cologne to modern deodorants, humans have been covering up their natural odors for the benefit of themselves and others for centuries. 

Modern bathing and sanitation practices have advanced to the point where your average fellow human doesn’t cause your eyes to water with their scent on the street, but that doesn’t mean you don’t encounter stinky bogans on the regs. 

Let’s go old-school assembly style here - look to your left, look to your right; if the people on either side of you smell okay, the stink may, in fact, be you. Obviously, we can’t let that continue. 

If you are wondering exactly what the best men’s deodorant is for smelly armpits, you came to the right place. 

Is it healthy to use deodorant?

Well, the question of whether it’s unhealthy to use deodorant regularly depends on the kind of deodorant you’re talking about. 

Typical deodorant has chemicals that you might be less than thrilled with coursing through your system daily. 

First of all, most deodorants and antiperspirants contain significant amounts of aluminum, leading to those gnarly yellow sweat stains crisping up your formal shirts.

Plenty of scary things have been said about aluminum, but we know it’s definitely a problem for people with reduced kidney function, who can’t filter it out of their systems at the same rate as people with normally functioning kidneys.

Deodorants can also contain parabens, which are easily absorbed by the skin, and triclosan, an antibacterial ingredient that isn’t too great for your body and can also harm the environment, plus plenty of other unpleasant chemicals. 

If these things concern you, finding a deodorant with natural ingredients is a good way to find the best men’s deodorant for smelly armpits.

Is roll-on better than spray deodorant?

It's really a matter of preference when it comes to roll-on deodorant versus a spray. Spray deodorants used to use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in their propellant, which turned out to be terrible for the environment. 

CFCs were banned in 1994, so you don’t have to worry about that element when choosing a deodorant. 

Spray deodorants tend to dry faster and don’t leave white streaks on black shirts, but some people don’t like breathing in the deodorant cloud that may occur when applying. 

How far are these people holding the deodorant back from their armpits when they’re spraying? 

Roll-on can be cheaper and easier to apply, but there’s the dry time and potential smearing on dark clothes to consider. It’s your choice, mate!

What kind of deodorant should I use if I sweat a lot?

If you’re a Sweaty Steve, constantly zoning in on your sopping armpit patches when you see a photo of yourself, you might be tempted to use an antiperspirant. But antiperspirants block your sweat glands’ ability to release the sweat. 

Blocked glands can lead to underarm irritation and breakouts, which don’t sound like much fun, trading one problem for another. 

If you’re wondering how to get your armpits to stop sweating so much, you can do a few things. Reducing caffeine can help because caffeine stimulates the nervous system, which increases sweating. 

Also, try wearing loose-fitting clothing with lots of air circulation, staying hydrated with cool drinks, and waiting to fully dry off before getting dressed after a shower.

Does shaving armpits reduce sweat?

Maybe the last time you weren’t sweaty was also the last time you didn’t look like you had a koala in a headlock when you aired out your armpits, by which we mean sometime before you grew a full armpit bush. 

So does armpit hair cause more sweat? 

Armpit hair doesn’t cause sweat, but it can exacerbate the situation. First of all, hair holds onto moisture, so the sweat coming out of your armpits will stick around a lot longer if it’s collecting in a thicket of fur. 

It’s not just an issue of moisture - hair is also porous and holds onto stink, meaning shaving could make you less stinky. Plus, if your armpit hair is super long, it will be pretty tricky for that deodorant to reach the skin where it needs to be.

So shaving your armpits could help improve the sweat situation, as could trimming them down. It’s worth giving it a try!

Conclusion: Best men’s deodorant for smelly armpits

We’ve got a completely fantastic natural spray deodorant that stops odors without clogging pores or creating irritation. 

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Try one or both, and next time you’re asked to identify the stinky friend in the group, it won’t be you!

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