best mens hand moisturizer

How To Choose The Best Moisturizer For Men’s Dry Hands

Our hands are what separates man from wild beast. Most of the things that make humans civilized are either made by or done by our hands. So it’s no wonder that the skin on our hands can see some damage and dryness!

That’s the thing though, isn’t it - because you use them so much, it’s a huge problem when your hands get super dry. 

best mens hand moisturizer

The skin on your hands could get so dry with day-to-day wear and tear that it becomes itchy and irritated, almost looking like a rash. It can even crack, making performing even the most basic tasks excruciatingly painful and difficult.

You might be wondering if hand skin has special needs and desperately searching for the best dry hand cream. Join hands as we find the best moisturizer for dry hands.

Why is it so important to take special care of your hands?

Your hands are your most important tool, mate! Hands are probably the most used part of the body. But because of this, they are especially vulnerable to skin damage, especially because hands are uncovered most of the time. 

Our hands have a different skin structure than the skin on the rest of our bodies, too. While there is plenty of cushiony fat and protective tissue on the skin of our palms and fingertips, the skin on the back of our hands is significantly thinner and more sensitive than the skin of other parts of the body. 

The skin on both sides of the hands contains fewer sebaceous glands than the skin on other body parts. Sebaceous glands produce skin oil and keep skin protected and hydrated. This means the skin on your hands is much more prone to drying out.

What causes dry hands?

We know a lot of men these days are likely new to the world of skincare. So it’s pretty unlikely your dad taught you his skincare routine like he taught you how to shave. 

But even if your dad didn’t teach you how to use a mineral-rich face mask for men to get rid of blackheads, we bet he used a hand cream. Men’s hands have been getting dry and cracked since the beginning of time. 

And even if other skincare products were considered off-limits or taboo for blokes, it’s never been considered unmanly to use a hand cream. So what causes men’s hands to get so bloody dry? 

Most of the time, it’s factors in a man’s environment that cause his hands to get dry. Weather is a big environmental factor, with cold dry places and seasons being the worst on hand skin. 

Another thing that dries out your hands is excessive or improper handwashing, which is why it’s so important to learn how to properly wash your hands

But even with the best hand washing techniques, there are still some careers, like those in the medical field or in food service, where you can’t help but wash your hands a million times a day. 

The more you wash your hands, even if it’s necessary for work, the more dried out your hand skin will get. If you have a job where you handle harsh chemicals, that’s also going to dry out your old mitts.

Of course, if you have naturally sensitive or dry skin, or a condition like eczema, your hands will dry out a heck of a lot faster. 

Skin loses moisture as we age, too, so older folks are more likely to have problems with dry hands. That’s why your dad is always complaining about all those cracks between his fingers. Speaking of which - 

What can happen if your hands get extremely dry?

It’s super important to find the right moisturizer for dry hands if you have chronic dry chapped hands. If left untreated, severely dry skin on hands can develop rough patches and start to get really itchy and flaky. It can even crack and bleed. 

When the skin on your hands cracks, it frequently cracks at a joint, like the knuckles or in between fingers. 

This makes cracks super painful and difficult to heal, since moving your joints will tend to keep reopening the wound. 

It can also be hard to properly bandage these cracks, leaving them unprotected and vulnerable to infection.

How can you prevent dry hands?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to prevent severely dry hands is to keep that hand skin protected and hydrated. When that blustery autumn wind is blowing or winter’s icing you out, make sure to wear gloves when you’re going out in that chilly weather. 

Use lukewarm water when washing your hands, because too hot or too cold can be very drying. If you do have a job where you have to wash your hands frequently, try to wear latex gloves as much as possible. 

Avoid overwashing if you can, though, and when you do wash your hands, use an all-natural soap without harsh chemicals.

And always moisturize your hands. If dry hand skin is a problem for you, you should moisturize after every wash and gently pat dry. If hands start looking dry, you can try an overnight treatment, slathering them in heavy-duty moisturizer and putting on thin gloves to seal it in.

How do I find the best moisturizer for men’s dry hands?

The best moisturizer for men’s dry hands is one that isn’t going to make the problem even worse. What we mean by that is, some moisturizers have harsh chemicals or additives that can irritate the same dry, cracked skin they are supposed to be helping to heal. Irritated skin isn’t skin that’s healing anytime soon.

If you’re choosing between a facial moisturizer and a body moisturizer for your chapped, flaky hands, choose the body cream. 

Moisturizers for the face are generally thinner and more watery since the skin of the face is more delicate and tends to be oilier than the skin on most parts of the body. 

In contrast, moisturizers formulated for the body tend to be thicker and heavier, making them stay on the skin longer so flaky rough skin can absorb the hydration and heal. This is ideal for the thin, less oily skin of the hands.

With the right moisturizer and hand care routine for men, your hands will be on the way to soft smooth perfection in no time!
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