Should Men Use Face Masks?

When you think "face masks for men," you probably think they're a bit "girly."

I know I did.

Well - it's time to think again.

Face masks are no longer exclusive for teenage sleep-overs or ladies having "me time."

Face masks should be an essential component of a man's skincare regime.

In this blog, I'm going to keep it simple and explain what facemasks are, why you should use them, when you should use them, and of course - how you should use them. 

Let's start from the top:

What is a men's face mask?

There are two types of men's face mask.

  1. Sheet Face Masks
  2. Facial Masks

Sheet masks for men

As the name suggests, Sheet Masks for Men are thin, face-shaped sheets of fabric - complete with eye, nose, and mouth holes - which come in one piece.

You lay down and place it over your face. (I'll admit it, it does feel a bit "Hannibal Lecter" the first time you try it...)

Men's Sheet Face Masks for men consist of cloth, paper, cotton, non-woven fiber, or a combination of these materials. 

The Men's Sheet Face Mask moisturizes and lifts dry and dull skin. Still, it has a unique additional advantage: de-stressing. 

How often do you get 20 minutes to do absolutely nothing during your day?

When you're wearing a Sheet Face Mask, you can't physically get up for 10-20 minutes, or it will slide off. So you're forced to lay back, relax and let it do its thing. 

Once done, you peel the mask off in one piece and discard it. And then use a men's face moisturizer

best face masks for men

Face masks for men

Men's Facial Masks are applied manually to the face like you would a moisturizer.

You have full control over the amount you put on your face, and you can multi-task while wearing them because you don't have to lay down.

Just don't forget you're wearing your mask and leave the house.

Some Men's Facial Masks will dry and harden on your skin. Wash it off with warm water.

Both Facial Masks and Sheet Masks come in different varieties.

For example, you can have a Clay Facial Mask or a Clay Sheet Mask.

Or a Clarifying Facial Mask or a Clarifying Sheet Mask. 

There are Face and Sheet Masks for just about anything you can think of (cleansing, moisturizing, deep cleaning, rejuvenating).

I've listed the most common types you'll find below.

Clarifying mask for men

Clarifying masks are designed to deep-clean pores - leaving your skin feeling smooth. They remove products like moisturizer, aftershave balm, dirt, and grime and leave your skin like a blank canvas. It makes follow up products like a quality men's moisturizer more effective. 

Hydrating mask for men

These masks hydrate dry skin. Hydrating masks contain hyaluronic acid ingredients, which binds more water molecules to restore moisture to the skin. Men who suffer from skin inflammation or irritation get a lot of use from them.

Charcoal mask for men

Charcoal masks remove excess dirt, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, which can clog your pores and lead to spots. They're a great option if you are susceptible to acne and blackheads because they also exfoliate by removing dead skin, oil buildup, and dirt that clogs your pores. 

Clay mask for men

They "deep clean" your skin and are effective with all skin types. Clay absorbs oil and clears away dead skin cells.

It's important to remember that clay can dry out your skin, so it is critical to moisturize after removing the mask. It will restore PH balance and keep your skin healthy, vibrant, and hydrated. 

Homemade men's mask

Yes - you can even make homemade masks such as "Banana, Yoghurt and Honey" or "Cocoa, Yoghurt and Coconut Oil."

But, to be honest, this is overkill for most men. It's time-consuming and complicated, and your face will smell like a child's breakfast.

The best way to apply men's face masks correctly

First, always read the label! (Sounds obvious - but your facial skin is delicate, and some face masks can be powerful.) There are face masks which heat or cool, so don't get taken by surprise!

Here's a general guide on how to use most face masks:

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water. Don't apply products to your face with dirty fingers!
  2. Clean your face with warm water and a men's face wash/cleanser for men.
  3. Pour hot water onto a washcloth and wring it out, leaving the washcloth damp. Hold it over your face for 5 minutes - the steam helps loosen dirt and opens up your pores, making the face mask more effective.
  4. If using a clay/cream or gel mask - apply it generously to your face and avoid the eye area.
  5. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes (again - always follow the instructions!)
  6. Use this time to keep still. (If you're using a sheet mask, you have to keep laying down - if you're using a clay/cream or gel mask, you can multi-task but try not to move your face because this will crack the mask and reduce its effectiveness.) Be patient and chill!

When is the best time to apply a face mask?

Generally speaking, apply a Facemask once or twice a week after washing your face.

You shouldn't use them as part of your daily skincare routine. There is no set rule when it comes to applying them in the morning or at night. 

How to remove different kinds of face masks

As mentioned earlier - if it's a Sheet Mask - easy. Just peel it off and throw it away.

Otherwise, either uses warm water or a fresh, wet warm hand towel to gently remove the mask.

Pay careful attention to behind your ears and around your eyebrows - it's easy to miss these. You don't want to leave the house with ominous brown or white products stuck to your face.

Always follow up with a good men's moisturizer to complete and 'seal' the process.

I'll repeat it - ALWAYS read the label. It is a general guide, and some products have more specific instructions.

mens best face masks

What are the benefits of using face masks?

Sometimes face wash and moisturizer isn't enough.

Face masks go a step further and address the specific needs of your skin. Each face mask for men has its advantages (which we cover below). In general, Face masks stimulate blood circulation. They cause your skin's blood vessels to expand, resulting in improved circulation and a more youthful, brighter appearance). They improve the results of your skincare routine. 

By cleansing your face and removing debris and oil from your pores, face masks improve other skincare products' effectiveness. Men's moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams are most effective when they can penetrate deep into your skin. 


There's a lot out there. Both Sheet Masks for men and Clay or Gel Face Masks have their benefits, and you should choose the product which is right for you and your skin type.

The two main advantages I can see are: 

  1. Deep cleaning your facial skin
  2. Infusing your facial skin with moisture and vitamins  

I prefer to use a liquid Clay mask for deep cleaning and a Sheet Face Mask for moisturizing and vitamin infusion. 

A liquid Clay mask hardens on the skin, and you can almost feel the minerals deep cleaning and cleansing your face as it does.

I prefer to use this in the morning before work and after a night's sleep (when my skin is dull). Remember - Clay can dry out the skin, so always ensure you use a men's moisturizer to follow up. 

Suppose you want to try a Mud Face Mask to detox your skin. In that case, our Men's Mud Mask uses a deep-cleansing, mineral-rich formula. It is fortified with 200-year-old clay sourced from the Australian Outback. I find it works especially after a night's sleep, and it sets me up for the day ahead. 

I prefer to use a Sheet Face Mask after a long day when I'm tired and my skin is dull and dirty from the commute.

The sheet mask forces me to relax - to lie down and to chill.

I find our Age Control Face Mask for Men is perfect for this - it soothes, relaxes, and also has anti-wrinkle properties - beneficial if I've been frowning a lot :) 

Give face masks a try. I was apprehensive at first, but you won't look back once you integrate them into your weekly routine.

I can't guarantee you won't get some odd looks from your girlfriend or wife, but remember - you're fabulous! :) 

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