How To Treat Oily Greasy Hair FAST!

Hair is one of those incredible yet irritating things that can either get you second looks from the ladies or guffaws. However, you’re also getting those reactions in professional settings from your boss, colleagues, clients, and especially your subordinates.

Everyone makes snap judgments about you.

Hairstyle is unique to genetics, lay of your hair, thickness, and environmental factors. However, those aren’t what usually get the aforementioned reactions. Dry and/or oily hair and scalp are obnoxious adversaries leaving flakes and stains on your shoulders and giving your hair a unkempt and dirty look. 

Ironically, what you’re currently doing to combat those symptoms are most likely making it worse.

oily hair treatment for menOily Hair Causes

If you remember the childhood song of “Dry Bones” helping kids learn the human skeleton, we need to continue that in our study of your hair.

While the foot bone is connected to the leg bone, our hair is connected to our scalp, which is connected to our glands, which are connected to our hormones, which are chemical releases primarily based on what we take into and put on our bodies.

  • Eating fatty foods certainly increases the availability of oils to be produced, but the actual culprit is the sebaceous gland that is found at the base of the hair follicles. 
  • Too much stimulation from touch or environmental conditions and you are - in effect - inviting the waxy/oily sebum onto your scalp and hair.
  • Washing your hair, counterintuitively causes additional oil… and the more you wash the more likely you’ll be on the receiving end of this chemical release. 
  • Touching and combing one’s hair gives a similar response from the body by stimulating the scalp and encouraging further oils. 
  • Also, a comb and fingers will spread natural oils from the base of the hair across the rest of it, making the same amount of oil before now appearing on the surface of the hairlay.

How To Prevent Oily Hair

Although, the best way to reduce the activation of the sebaceous gland is to lower the stimulation from contact or temperature (extreme heat). The foods we eat can have an impact on the availability of sebum.

  • Drink lots of water (at least eight cups a day) to help dilute everything you take in your body.
  • Eat foods that are rich in nutrients, but low in fat.
  • Avoid fatty foods with both saturated and unsaturated fats.
  • Dairy products contain high hormone levels which also influences the amount of sebum produced and released. 
  • Even sugar intake has an in-direct cause to higher hormone release because insulin encourages oil production.

    Unbalanced hormones lead to increased sebum production so perhaps it’s time to make the visit to your locally-trusted hormone replacement therapy clinic. 

    Lowering stress is important for your heart health, but it also impacts the amount of oil in your hair. 

    Preventing Oily hair can be as simple as changing your pillowcase often to avoid reintroduction of oils that you left the night before.

    How To Control Oily Hair

    There are some natural treatments available to help. 

    • Try washing your hair with Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, or even Black Tea. The acids found in these mixtures help balance the PH levels on your scalp and reduce the body's inclination to excrete sebum.
    • Aloe Vera is a common treatment for hair and skin. Although it cleans it also, like after a sunburn, moisturizes and adds some protecting enzymes.
    • You can also try some experimental yet interesting concoctions including raw-egg (adds protein) and lemon juice (reduces acid) washing, or blended tomatoes (tons of vitamins), even honey is a researched use for promoting cell growth on the skin.

    natural treatment for mens oily hair

    What is The Best Treatment for Oily Hair?

    However the best thing you can do for your hair is be aware of what you’re putting in it. Unfortunately, some products rely on their marketing and cheap ingredients for better return on investment. 

    Often there are high amounts of preservatives (formaldehyde and parabens), chemical substances (sulfates), and synthetic dyes for fragrance and color. Many are difficult to pronounce, much less advertise their purpose and how they affect your hair and scalp.

    Whether washing, conditioning, or styling, your hair and scalp are vulnerable to harsh environments and chemicals. 

    Look for products marketed as “All Natural” but:

    • Beware, there are manufacturing tricks allowing the label to imply that the entire product is all natural, but only contains a few ingredients… enough to satiate regulators.
    • Investigate for yourself what’s in them. Become familiar with the ingredients and don’t be afraid to do a search if something is unknown.
    • Find a company you trust who values their product reputation more than mass market appeal.

    What to do for Oily Hair?

    Washing your hair on a daily basis might be the cause of increased oily hair, but what shampoo you use is just as important.

    The market is drenched with Tea Tree and although a widely recognized oil for conditioning and healing, manufacturers can put minimal amounts of it and then advertise the product in bold as containing it. Also, it’s not the only nor the very best oil for your hair, it’s just the most widely known and its efficacy isn’t on par with its advertising.

    Although considered an essential oil, tea tree is only one of many oils that should be used on your hair and body. Other oils include: 

    • Lime (protects skin against infection)
    • Sweet Orange Peel (anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties - perfect for skin and hair routine)
    • Coconut (reduces inflammation and moisturizes your skin)
    • Argan (prevents dry scalp due to Vitamin E)
    • Quandong (high in Vitamin C - perfect for treating dry, sore, and itchy skin)
    • Blue Cyprus (soothes the skin with antibacterial properties)
    • Patchouli (masculine aroma; it also tones and tightens the skin - helps with skin irritation)
    • Ylang Ylang Flower (prevents excessive dryness and oiliness - perfect for soothing irritation and strenghtening the skin)

    Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

    Essential Oils are just the beginning of your journey to know what exactly is in your product.

    Although we all want a fire-and-forget method for our hygiene, each head of hair is unique and has different needs. Search for a product specific for reducing oiliness but that can also moisturize and heal.

    If you’re a man who has simply used whatever your significant other buys, or you buy your own but just choose based on the label or a company you’ve heard of..’s time to elevate your game!

    You need a product made by a company that specializes in men’s hair that will help you reach the hair you want.

    Best Products for Oily Hair

    Always go for products made with natural ingredients - the chemicals and artificial fragrances found in some cheaper men's styling products can strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. 

    This results in your body producing more sebum to overcompensate - and, you guessed it - the means more oil! 

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