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6 Tips For Men's Humid Weather Hairstyles

No matter what hairstyle you choose to rock, the weather can play havoc on your ‘do’c - but humid weather hairstyles? Now that’s a different beast altogether!

Humidity and hair have always had a tumultuous relationship. The moisture in the air can cause men’s hair to fall flat, to frizz, and to become greasy and unmanageable. The bad news? December is the most humid month in the U.S. The good news? There are solutions that don’t involve a buzz cut! 

If you’re ready to tame your mane — and embrace the humidity rather than fear it — read on to discover the best men’s hairstyle tips for humid weather.

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What causes hair to become frizzy in humid weather? 

Humidity not only causes your skin to break out, but it can also leave your hair looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. This is because the moisture in the air makes its way into your hair strands, increases the hydrogen bonds, and binds to the proteins inside. Sounds complicated? Well, in simple terms, humid weather hairstyles equal frizz!

Humidity can also cause your hair to fold on itself and bind to other hair strands. The end result is often straight hair that becomes wavy and curly hair that forms even tighter curls.  

If your hair is already quite dry, coarse, or curly, it’s also more likely to frizz in the humidity. This is because humidity can prevent your hair’s natural oils from traveling to the ends of your hair, thus drying your hair. And dry hair reacts more strongly to humidity by absorbing greater moisture. This is why a natural moisturizing shampoo is an absolute must during humid weather

What do you do with your hair when it’s humid?

When the humidity strikes, you might want to hide away or reach for your nearest baseball cap. After all, who wants to face the day with a humid weather hairstyle that resembles a straw pit? Thankfully though, there are men’s hairstyling tips that are perfect for humid conditions. 

Regardless of your hair type, it’s important to make sure that your hair is well moisturized, which can be achieved by using a moisturizing conditioner. In addition to selecting the right conditioner and anti-frizz serum, there are other strategies you can use to keep your hair healthy and looking good. Here are just a few ways that men can protect their hair from humidity and achieve the best humid weather hairstyles: 

Tip 1: Get a haircut

The foundation of any humid weather hairstyle is, of course, a great haircut. So, ask yourself the following question: Is it time you upgrade your look? 

To prevent your hair from falling when it’s humid, you ideally want to avoid long hair that can become tangled easily. When you comb too forcefully through hair that is oily or tangled, it’s inevitable that you will lose some strands. The solution is to keep your hair short — a brushed back fade is a perfect choice. 

Remember, if your hair is too long or too thick, it's likely to drop and fall. Keep the length towards the front of the hair, working shorter as you move back. Finally, if your hair is extremely thick, consider having it thinned to remove some of the weight.

Tip 2: Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

The more moisturized your hair is before you step outside, the less prone it will be to absorb moisture from the air. So, if you’re using a shampoo that’s currently drying out your hair, it will become far more susceptible to humidity damage. And as you already know, humidity equates to frizz!

If your hair is naturally dry or coarse, it’s even more important that you use a moisturizing shampoo for men and a conditioner for dry hair. These products give your hair the highest level of protection and hydration. 

With this being said, you don’t want to overdo your use of shampoo and conditioner. This can make your hair oily and cause it to be weighed down throughout the day. And here’s a major tip: You DO NOT want to be shampooing your hair every day. By not shampooing every day, you give your hair enough time to rebuild its natural oils, which is crucial in the fight against humidity.

Tip 3: Use Sea Salt Spray to protect your humid weather hairstyles

You might be thinking to yourself: Why would I use a sea salt spray when the beach is a naturally humid area? Here’s the thing though: The salt in seawater is the reason you can spend a day at the beach and your hair doesn’t turn frizzy. 

When you simulate the effect of sea water with a sea salt spray for hair, your hair takes on a natural, wavy look with more texture and volume. Plus, the salt helps to absorb some of the excess moisture in the air — before it finds its way into your hair strands. 

Tip 4: Make friends with a leave-in hair conditioner

By using a men’s natural leave-in conditioner, you can help to seal in your hair’s natural moisture. This is especially important during the days where the humidity is high and you’re working up a sweat.

Unlike regular rinse-out conditioners that you use in the shower, the top men’s leave-in conditioners add lightweight moisture and volume that last for hours. Not only this but they also nourish and protect your scalp. This makes leave-in conditioners ideal for humid weather hairstyles.

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Tip 5: Gently pat your hair dry 

When your hair is wet, its cuticles swell and cause your hair to stretch. However, because your hair is so fragile, forcefully roughing it while towel-drying can raise the edges of the hair cuticle.

This leads to frizz, split ends, and other types of hair damage. 

If you want to lock moisture into your, it’s time that you ditched the abrasive towels you’ve been using. 

Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, it’s a much better idea to use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to gently dab your hair dry. Ideally, you want to let your hair dry as naturally as possible (this means squeezing out as much water as you can with your hands).

Tip 6: Use a thicker post-styling product for your humid weather hairstyles

Once your hair is completely dry, complete your humid weather hairstyle with a styling product made from natural ingredients. The best products to use during humid weather are heavy, thick clays, waxes, or pomades for men. These work extremely well at fully coating your hair and forming a protective seal. This seal locks in the natural moisture that your hair has, and locks out moisture from outside. 

Get the perfect humid weather hairstyles with VITAMAN

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