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Kakadu Plum For Hair And Skin - The Complete Guide

Australia can be a very scary place. With all of the bugs, snakes and spiders out there trying to get you, you almost forget about their wilderness and how easily you can fall off a cliff.

But despite all of the dangers, it's also the home to some of the most breathtaking views, and a variety of fruits that have a major impact on your health.

One of them is the Kakadu Plum - more specifically, the Kakadu Plum extract, which is growing in popularity in the skincare and haircare industry for a good reason.

In today's blog, find out everything you need to know about Kakadu Plum!

kakadu plum benefits

What is Kakadu Plum?

Kakadu Plum is a small fruit located in the Northern part of Australia.

It’s a pale green color, around 1.5 - 2cm long and it weighs 2-5 grams.

It is most known for its nutritious benefits and being low in calories, thus providing a natural, quality source of fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

It had been used in medicine to treat colds, the flu, and headache.

One of the biggest benefits of Kakadu Plum is the fact that it’s loaded with Vitamin C. In fact, it contains 100x more Vitamin C than oranges (the self-proclaimed Vitamin C kings!), and they are the highest natural source for Vitamin C in the world.

What is Kakadu Plum extract?

Kakadu Plum extract is the juice that you get out of Kakadu Plum.

While you can certainly eat it raw, it has a bit of a bitter taste, making it ideal for jams, juices, and desserts.

And it is Kakadu Plum extract that makes all of the wonders - skincare and haircare industry is no stranger to Kakadu Plum - in fact, companies use it regularly in their products.

And why shouldn’t they? With the Vitamin C that we mentioned, Kakadu Plum extract proves to be one of the key ingredients in glowing skin and healthier hair.

What are the benefits of Kakadu Plum extract?

The list of benefits is pretty impressive, considering we’re only talking about one single fruit. And that’s mainly because of the high levels of Vitamin C - one of the most important vitamins for maintaining a healthy life.

It is amazing for boosting your immune system

Besides boosting the immune system, it’s also good for your skin, since it’s the first line of defense against outside factors - and the Vitamin C in Kakadu Plum keeps your skin and immune system strong.

It also helps with keeping your hair healthy and prevents hair loss.

Is Kakadu Plum good for hair?

Kakadu Plum extract moisturizes and hydrates your hair. This, in turn, keeps the hair healthy and makes it look a lot better.

It directly affects the production of collagen - an important part of hair structure that helps your body absorb iron (the lack of which can cause hair loss and stop hair growing past a certain length).

Vitamin C deficiency can cause dry, brittle hair and hair loss because it can lead to Anemia - a condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body's tissues.

kakadu plum skin benefit

What does Kakadu Plum do for skin?

Kakadu plum has several beneficial properties for your skin. As we've already learned, it's considered a "superfruit", so it's no wonder that you can get a lot out of it as far as skincare goes as well.

Here are the main areas in which Kakadu Plum can work magic on your skin!

Reduces inflammation

Due to the antioxidant properties, Kakadu Plum is always active in the fight against redness and inflammation.

It’s ideal for men with sensitive skin or those who have skin issues such as eczema and acne.

Reduces marks

Affecting the production of melanin (the pigment that causes dark marks), skin protectors containing Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum can help even those marks out and make your skin look better than ever!

Brightens your skin

By balancing the uneven tone, the Vitamin C in Kakadu Plum extract also brightens your skin and gives it a natural-looking glow (as healthy skin should look!)

Promotes faster wound healing

Just one more thing that the all possible Vitamin C can do is - make your wounds heal faster. Along with all of the other great benefits, this one is really useful, since acne outbreaks or other skin issues can happen quite often.

With a skin protector containing Vitamin C - it’s something that you don’t have to worry about. And even if it does happen, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll be gone very quickly by applying the skin protector to the troubled spot.


With the antioxidant properties and the Vitamin C it contains, Kakadu Plum extract is perfect for anti-aging since it provides a collagen boost and reduces wrinkles around your eyes. It also neutralizes free radicals, which are molecules that destabilize your skin.

If you want youthful skin and glow, make sure to use a product that has Kakadu Plum extract listed as one of the ingredients - trust us, you’ll never go back to those cheap, low-quality skin creams and serums!


All our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, enriched with native Australian botanicals. We list our ingredients in more detail and how and why we use them on our ingredients page.

With all of these benefits, who wouldn’t want to jump on a plane to Australia and try to get a basket filled with Kakadu Plum?

While it sure is tempting, there’s a better way to go about it - purchase products that include Kakadu Plum as one of their ingredients, seeing as you’ll get the benefits, and you won’t have to travel to Australia!

One of those products is our Vitamin C Skin Protector, which will give your skin the healthy, glowing, and youthful look that you deserve!

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