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Best Skincare Tips For Men Over 30 (What Products Should You Buy?)

Wrinkles, crow's feet, sinking jowls, and baggy eyes - all these things begin to affect men's faces as they reach their 30s,especially if they didn't implement a solid skincare routine in their 20s.

While these signs of aging seem inevitable, they're quickly diminished, and often reversed, with a simple, targeted, and all-natural skincare routine.

But even before we get to that, here are some lifestyle tweaks to give yourself the best possible palette to work with.

What are the first steps in treating men's skin well?

Drink water.

Eight glasses a day. Start the day with one. Keep a big water bottle in your workspace, and make sure you drink a glass before and after each meal.


Upping your intake of vitamins A, C, and E will help your skin replenish collagen and elastin and will also have a positive effect on the rest of your body's systems.

Ease up on caffeine and alcohol.

You don't have to give up coffee and beer altogether but cutting back will help keep your skin fresh and your brain alert.

If you smoke, quit.

It's hard, but there's more out there to help you than ever before. Plus, the health benefits will far outweigh the discomfort.

Diet and exercise.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit in order to increase your vitamin intake and get in at least three 30-minute exercise sessions per week. Even taking a30-minute walk is an excellent place to start. It won't just help your skin stay young, but it will also keep your body active and more agile.

Arrange an appointment with a dermatologist. 

Especially if you notice any new or changing marks on your skin.

Adopt a skincare regimen rich in natural ingredients.

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What's The Best Skincare Routine For Men In Their 30s?

Your regimen should include a cleanser, exfoliating scrub, and moisturizer as the foundation.However, in your thirties, it's also a good idea to start adding in serums and masks to give your skin some extra support while you rest.

You'll also want to add a high SPF sunscreen into the mix. As we always advocate, only use products containing natural ingredients and avoid any that include potential irritants, like sulfates, parabens, perfumes, and mineral oils.

What's The Best Cleanser For Men In Their 30s?

The first step in your skincare regimen is a cleanser. It is a product specifically designed for your face. The skin there is more delicate than on the rest of your body, which is why you don't want to just use your regular soap here.

Look for a cleanser with natural ingredients, like citrus oil, witch hazel, and good old-fashioned sea salt. Additives like aloe vera also help soothe the skin and retain its moisture.

You'll want to use your cleanser morning and night. Wet your face and neck with warm water and rub a small amount of cleanser in your wet hands to make a lather. Then, rub it onto your face and neck gently, before rinsing it off and patting your face dry with a clean towel. Doing this will help clear your face and neck of dead skin cells, oils, and dirt accumulated throughout your day.

And yes, you read that correctly, I did say to cleanse your neck as well.

The neck is a high traffic area for your skin.Oil and dirt work their way down from your face and collars trap sweat and rub it deep into your neck.  It’s constantly being moved and stretched as you go about your day. This skin, like any other, is prone to sagging, which can eventually lead to a dreaded ‘turkey neck.’ For the purposes of your skincare routine, be sure to treat your neck as part of your face.

Twice a week, follow up your cleanser with an exfoliating scrub, which will give your skin a deeper clean. Only do this twice a week to give your skin time to recover. Cleansing is the warm-up while exfoliation is the so-called ‘bench press.’ Think of it like this: You  don't get a strong chest by benching every day.You have to let it rest and recover to see gains.

Do not buy scrubs that use plastic beads as their key exfoliating ingredient.  Look for natural abrasives like nutshells, bamboo, or oats. Much like how you use your  cleanser, wet your face and rub in a small amount of the scrub. Don't push too hard. Remember, you're buffing your skin, not sandpapering it. Finally, rinse it off and get ready to apply a serum.


Is Skin Serum Good For Men In Their 30s?

Serums are compounds that target and diminish specific problem areas on your skin, such as wrinkles or bags under the eyes. Ingredients like argireline and vitamin A, for example, help stimulate collagen production.

Collagen is a protein that gives skin fullness and elasticity, both of which diminish naturally without intervention as we age. The simple equation here is more collagen equals fewer lines and wrinkles.

For baggy eyes, ingredients rich with antioxidants will help firm up the skin and even out skin tone. Be on the lookout for botanical ingredients like Bilberry fruit extract and Grapefruit oil.

The best thing with any serum is you only need to rub a few drops into your skin as part of your routine. Once that’s done, it's time to apply your moisturizer.

As a rule of thumb, a skin serum is a key component in any men's skincare routine once they're in their 30s. If you’re looking for a natural, high-quality skin serum, check out our Vitamin C Serum For Men.

Is It Too Late To Start Wearing Sunscreen At 30?

When it comes to wearing sunscreen daily, the best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is today. UV rays damage your skin over time—especially when you get sunburnt— which can accelerate collagen loss. Prolonged UV exposure over time can even lead to variety of deadly skin cancers.

Sunscreen is essential for reducing these risks, even on cloudy days, as UV rays can penetrate cloud cover. Your sunscreen should have a minimum SPF 30. To avoid potential irritants, like parabens and perfumes,  look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide,natural minerals that protect skin from the sun.

And finally, be sure to cover every bit of skin that’s exposed to the sun, including your face, hands, arms, neck, ears, and scalp (that is, if you're rocking the bald look).

Which Is The Best Moisturizer For Men In Their 30s?

While your sunscreen can double as a moisturizer for the day, you'll still need a separate moisturizer after using your serum at night.

A good moisturizer soothes and hydrates the skin without irritating it and reduces the chance of dust and dirt from getting into pores while you sleep (or head to a night out with that special someone).

Aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil are all great ingredients in an effective moisturizer.

men's face masks skincare routine 30s

Is It Normal For Guys To Use Cleansing Masks?

If it isn't, it should be. You may think face masks are only for women.But I assure you, if you want to keep your skin in youthful condition, a good mask will keep you looking fresh.

Cleansing face masks give your face a long, deep, soothing clean. Use them shortly after your cleanser but before your serum and moisturizer.

There are two basic forms of face masks: a mud or clay mask,a cream you apply directly to your skin, or a single-use mask infused with a serum. You can use a clay mask twice a week, while a single-use mask works best once per week.

Masks use minerals to  draw out toxins and organic extracts to soothe and deeply clean the skin. Look for natural ingredients, such as clay, white tea, algae, and plankton extracts, which all serve to clean and restore your skin. Some one-time-use masks are even made out of biodegradable cellulose fibers, meaning it  easily breaks down after use without damaging the environment. 

To top it all off, when you use a face mask, you have the perfect excuse to do nothing for 20 minutes, all while indulging in some self-care that rolls back the years. Talk about taking back your time!

How Long Does A Good Skincare Routine Take?

Morning and night, your basic skincare routine—cleanser, serum, and sunscreen or moisturizer— should only take about five minutes.

Only five minutes to put your best face on for the day. While you should typically see results after maintaining a solid routine for a month, most men will notice a difference within their first week— especially if they're using a serum to target specific problem areas.

Recap: Men's Skincare Routine In Their 30s

Now that you know how to battle aging in your 30s, there's no reason for you not to level up your skincare routine.

Men's skin changes as they age,that's inevitable. But with these tips and tricks, you can literally look 10 years younger in no time!

The key to achieving this is by using natural, high-quality ingredients, just like those found in our essential skincare kit. This kit contains all of the skincare essentials you need for a youthful look, so be sure to check it out!

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