Anti-Aging Skincare Products - When Should Men Start Using Them?

Dads are usually a boy's first teacher.

Your old pops taught you how to swim, he taught you how to drive. He even taught you how to shave. But we’re guessing he never taught you if and when to start using anti-aging products.

For generations, anti-aging skincare products were only used by women. That’s why you didn’t learn about them from your dear dad. That’s probably also why your dad’s face might look like a dried-out peach pit at this point. 

We’re here to end the generational curse of men not caring for their skin! In today's article, we're breaking out the best anti-aging skin care products and when to start using them. 

Should men use anti-aging skin care products?

Men should absolutely be using anti-aging skincare products. After all, wrinkles know no gender! 

Today’s man knows self-care is an important part of being the best you can be, and skincare is one of the best forms of self-care out there. 

Plus, with the prevalence of high-definition cameras, both on your phone and on your computer, it’s harder than ever to avoid staring at the signs of aging right in the (rapidly wrinkling) face. 

We bet a lot of you found this page after a particularly uncomfortable Zoom meeting where, instead of listening to your boss discuss the quarterly reports, you found yourself focusing on all of the fine lines and wrinkles creasing your face. Hey, we’ve all been there. Read on.

When should men start using anti-aging skincare products?

Teenagers don't think about preventing wrinkles.

If a young man is thinking about skincare, he’s usually thinking about getting rid of grease or pimples. But he might be well served to consider what will happen to his skin once the acne calms down. 

As we age, our skin’s production of proteins slows down. Collagen and elastin (proteins) are what make skin firm and tight. 

As collagen and elastin production goes down, skin looks thinner and starts to sag. Skin also starts to show damage from various lifestyle factors and choices as time marches on.

While men’s skin might not start to show signs of aging until their thirties or later, the aging process begins before that. 

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Anti-aging skincare products are mostly meant to be preventative. So the best time for a man to start using anti-aging skin care products is in his twenties before the major damage starts happening.

When is it too late to start using anti-aging products?

Odds are, if you’ve found your way to this page, you’re a bit older than 29, and that’s fine! While it would have been better if you had started protecting your skin to prevent signs of aging earlier, you can still benefit from anti-aging creams and products at any age. 

This is especially true when it comes to moisturizing products. Hydration and moisture are extremely important for keeping your skin looking youthful. 

Dry skin shows more lines, looks dull, and is more prone to damage. For this reason, a top-quality facial moisturizer made with premium all-natural ingredients is an essential part of men’s daily skincare routines. 

What speeds up signs of aging in men?

Three major tips here, mate:

  • Sun - nothing damages the skin and makes it look aged like too much time in the sun. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing when possible to keep skin shielded from UV rays.
  • Smoking - it’s the 21st century - what are you even doing with that ciggie, mate? Smoking can hurt/kill you in more ways than the terrifying wildlife of our native Australia. It also speeds up the aging process. Just stop it already.
  • Lack of water - we told you to moisturize from the outside, but don’t forget to drink enough water! Skin needs hydration from within and from without.

How should men use anti-aging skin care products?

Men should incorporate anti-aging products into their regular skincare routine as dictated by the product. Most wrinkle creams and serums are used once or twice a day.

Our natural Vitamin C face serum is packed with the antioxidant power of Kakadu plum, which protects from damage caused by pollution and free radicals. We recommend using this twice daily in the AM and PM.

Then we have our natural anti-wrinkle serum, which contains ARGIRELINE, which stimulates collagen production and reduces the depth of pre-existing wrinkles. We recommend using this one once daily at night, allowing it to be fully absorbed while you sleep.

We have an Age Defender Kit which comes with both of these serums plus an iZone serum for treating under-eye circles and puffiness and reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth. 

Well, that’s our lesson on when men should start incorporating anti-aging products into their skincare routines. Time to call dad and teach him something!

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