Our Story

Welcome to VITAMAN - where the rugged beauty of Australia meets the spirit of America.

Our story begins in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth – the wild, untamed landscapes of Australia. This land isn't just where we're from; it's our inspiration.

Crafted in Australia, Celebrated in America

Our award-winning men's skin and hair care range is a tribute to the raw power of nature, meticulously crafted in Sydney, Australia.

We use only the finest Aussie botanicals, each rich in history and nurtured by over 40,000 years of indigenous knowledge.

These ingredients are a part of Australia's soul, infused into every VITAMAN product.

From Bondi Beach to Sydney: The Spirit of Australia

Imagine the laid-back vibe of Bondi Beach and the bustling energy of Sydney – that's the essence of Australian men.

Known for their mix of humor, charm, and resilience, they embody a spirit of life and effortless confidence.

This essence of relaxed yet adventurous living is what we capture in VITAMAN.

A Pioneering Vision for Men's Grooming

Our founder, Clare Castles, saw an opportunity to create something truly special for men's grooming.

With her expertise as a Beauty Therapist and Skincare Lecturer, she created VITAMAN – a line of 100% Aussie-made, natural, and effective grooming products. Since our start in 1999, we've been committed to offering the best in men's hair and skincare.

What Makes VITAMAN Unique

  • Authentically Australian: Every product is a slice of Australia, bringing you the essence of Sydney and the spirit of Bondi Beach in every bottle.
  • Tailored for Men: Our spa-quality products are specially formulated for men's unique skincare and haircare needs, combining the best of naturally derived and certified organic Australian botanicals.
  • Beyond Ordinary: Our antioxidant-rich white tea base offers more active benefits than water-based products.
  • Naturally Safe: So natural they're almost edible – but let's keep them for external use only.
  • Pure and Eco-Friendly: Free from harmful chemicals and packed in environmentally-conscious, recyclable packaging.

VITAMAN: Your Grooming Mate

Join us on this grooming adventure. With VITAMAN, you're not just choosing a product; you're embracing a lifestyle that's all about natural confidence and environmental respect. Dive into the VITAMAN experience and see why we're the talk of the town – from Sydney to San Francisco.

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