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Face Moisturizer

Face Moisturizer

55 total reviews

Quick-absorbing, non-greasy moisturizer that offers long-lasting hydration without a heavy feel.

"I recently discovered this product and now cannot be without it. Put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. Cooling and soothing, it smells and feels terrific." - Stacy

  • All Day Hydration
  • Light Formulation
  • Subtle, Natural Aroma

A simple, effective solution for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin without the greasiness or irritation often associated with other moisturizers. Our super light formulation doesn't clog pores and will not cause greasiness or breakouts. We've infused our Face Moisturizer with a subtle aroma of Kakadu Plum and Rosella Flower - a mild, subtly sweet, and fruity scent that's pleasing without being overpowering.

What Makes Us Different?

Our legacy spans over 23 years of innovation and leadership.

We set the gold standard for purity and potency in men's skin and hair care. No shortcuts, no whitelabeling; just unparalleled quality and a commitment to natural integrity. 

The VITAMAN difference

1. Cellular Extraction™ Technology:

Unlike others, we use a cutting-edge technique that captures nature's compounds directly from their source.

Why It Matters:

  • Potency: Traditional methods often weaken the strength of natural compounds. Our Cellular Extraction™ keeps them strong and effective.
  • Purity: We preserve the natural goodness as it exists in nature. This ensures our products work better and are safer for your skin and hair.

2. Our Natural Aromas:

Our skin and hair care solutions are famous for their subtle, natural aromas: refreshing, invigorating and formulated to make you smell great, naturally.

3. Our Commitment to You:

  • Organic & Vegan: Good for you and the planet.
  • 100% Australian: Tap into the raw power of natural Australian botanicals, meticulously sourced from the rugged outback and formulated with precision to meet the distinct needs of your skin and hair.
  • Science-Backed: Our natural ingredients are proven to work.
  • Chemical-Free: No harmful additives here.

With VITAMAN, you're choosing more than just a product; you're choosing a healthier, more vibrant you.

Shipping & Guarantee

All orders over $75 qualify for FREE US Shipping. 

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. 

All deliveries are trackable. After ordering, you'll receive a confirmation email containing your tracking number.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't love your VITAMAN product, no problem - we'll give you your money back, no questions asked!

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5 Reasons You'll Love This


Experience the ultimate in skin hydration without the greasiness, irritation, or breakouts. If our Face Moisturizer doesn't provide you with noticeably healthier, softer, more hydrated skin, we'll give you your money back.


We've infused our Face Moisturizer with a subtle aroma of Kakadu Plum and Rosella Flower, a mild, subtly sweet, and fruity scent that's pleasing without being overpowering.


Easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and offers long-lasting hydration without a heavy feel.


Our pH balanced formula hydrates even the most sensitive skin thoroughly without causing irritation or other adverse effects.


Light, non-greasy formula won't clog your pores or give you breakouts.


2 Steps to Instantly Soft, Hydrated Skin

  • 1

    Dispense a pea-sized amount of Face Moisturizer onto your fingertips.

  • 2

    Using your fingertips, lightly sweep across your face and neck until fully absorbed.

Soft Skin Guarantee

Try Face Moisturizer today and get instantly soft, hydrated skin - or we'll refund you.

Skin Nourishing Hero Ingredients

  • Kakadu Plum

    This superfruit shields your skin from environmental stressors, offering unparalleled protection and revitalization. Its potent antioxidant properties defend against damage and enhance your complexion.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Deeply hydrates and plumps your skin from within. Acts as a moisture magnet, holding onto water molecules to ensure long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin feeling supple and rejuvenated.

  • Rosella Flower Extract

    Rich in natural phenols, this powerful extract combats free radicals and fortifies your skin's defenses. It nurtures a youthful, glowing complexion by boosting the skin's inherent resilience and vitality.

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

    Known as the plant-based alternative to Botox, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a revolutionary ingredient that targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It smooths and softens the skin, visibly reducing signs of aging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this Moisturizer leave my skin feeling greasy?

No. Our super light formulation is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and offers long-lasting hydration without a heavy feel.

I've experienced breakouts with other moisturizers. How does yours prevent this?

Our moisturizer is crafted with a lightweight, non-greasy formula to help prevent pore blockages (a common cause of breakouts and pimples).

Unlike many others, this moisturizer is free from silicones and waxes that can trap bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells - all increasing the chances of breakouts.

Additionally, we avoid known irritants like synthetic fragrances and alcohol because these can inflame the skin, boosting sebum production, and exacerbating breakouts.

I have sensitive skin; can I use this Face Moisturizer?

Yes, you can! Our ph-balanced Face Moisturizer is formulated with natural, vegan, and organic ingredients, specifically chosen for their gentle properties, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Does this Moisturizer leave a sticky residue?

No. Our feather-light, fast absorbing formula won't stick to your skin and doesn't feel heavy after use.

Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the results?

Yes, we stand behind our Face Moisturizer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't love it, we'll refund your purchase immediately.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Our formula is designed to work fast, delivering softer skin straight away after application.

With regular use (twice daily), you'll also start to see fewer wrinkles and reduced dark circles around your eyes.

Will my face smell like chemicals after using this product?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on creating the best-smelling men's grooming products on the planet.

Our Face Moisturizer features a subtle, natural aroma that smells subtly sweet and fruity.

How long does one tube last?

Used twice daily (AM and PM), each tube lasts up to 4 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Face Moisturizer

A product that you can trust blindly!

Hey Gio, thank you so much for leaving us a review! We really appreciate it :)

We're very happy to hear you love our Face Moisturizer and we do agree that it's an amazing product!

Look forward to speaking again soon - Dom

Robert R
Still Loving It

This is my second review of the Vitaman Men’s Face Moisturizer — my first was in August 2020. Three years later, this remains my favorite grooming product. It glides on smooth and easy, absorbs readily into the skin, and emits no perceptible scent, so it never conflicts with anything else I’m wearing. I use it once every morning after washing, and my skin feels supple and youthful every day of the year (and people notice). Best product of its kind — I highly recommend it.

Hey Robert, thank you for leaving us such a great review! We're really happy to hear you love our Face Moisturizer and that you've been enjoying it for years :)

Look forward to speaking again soon!




Great product

I wanted to try Vitaman’s products myself after all the good review’s I’ve heard and I was not mistaken. A great product that I would like to recomend

Hey Geir, appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review!

Very happy to hear you're satisfied with our products and I'm sure that won't change :)

Look forward to speaking again soon - Dom, VITAMAN USA

Works great for me

I was experiencing dry skin because of the heated air of having the heat on so much in the winter. I was looking for a good product that was non toxic that moisturized my skin. I tried the Face Moisturizer. I really works great and it takes so little of it to moisturize the skin. No more flakiness or that dry skin look. When I'm out I'll definitely be buying more. It has become my goto moisturizer.

Thank you so much for leaving us a review! Much obliged :)

I know exactly how you feel - when winter comes around and I constantly switch between cold air outside and hot air in my car/apartment my skin becomes extremely dry and very hard to manage - I was also as lucky as you to be able to give our Face Moisturizer to try and just like you, it became my go to moisturizer as well! The key that makes ours different is Shea Butter mixed with Kakadu Plum - two ingredients that are extremely moisturizing and work wonders for your skin :)

Also happy to hear that you've joined our amazing group of loyal VITAMEN! Glad to have you here.



Cellular Extraction™ Method

Many brands claim to be filled with all-natural ingredients but often rely on fermentation-based extraction methods that damage a plant’s cellular structure, compromising both quality and effectiveness—completely defeating the purpose. Our Australian supplier has pioneered the cutting-edge Cellular Level Extraction Method.™

This innovative technology ensures the cellular integrity of wild-harvested botanicals is maintained, resulting in the purest, true-to-nature extracts and potent bio-compounds available today.

Thanks to this advanced extraction method, we’re able to capture the natural potency and purity of Australian botanicals in their most authentic form, exactly as nature intended.


    Cellular Extraction™ Technology ensures our natural Australian botanicals are delivered in their most pure and potent form, providing superior benefits for your skin, hair, and overall wellbeing.


    Our bioactive compounds are more readily absorbed by your skin and hair, meaning faster, more visible results. This efficient delivery system means your skin and hair benefits from every nutrient.


    Our naturally potent extracts deliver enduring vitality and health, ensuring your skin and hair not only appear and feel their best but also receive lasting benefits.

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Meet The Founder

Clare Castles, a seasoned beauty therapist, international skincare lecturer, and former salon owner, foresaw the rise of men’s grooming trends in Australia before they took the world by storm.

With an eye for innovation and a heart for creation, Clare embarked on a journey of discovery into indigenous biochemistry, which soon blossomed into a passion for formulating exceptional skincare products.

This unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm led to the birth of VITAMAN in December 1999, marking the dawn of Australia's first true pioneer in men’s grooming.

To this day, Clare remains dedicated to VITAMAN's legacy of being the most innovative, effective, and natural men’s haircare and skincare product range available today.