Best Men’s Haircuts For Thinning Hair

Half of the men on this great big blue marble of ours experience appreciable hair loss by the time they are 50. A quarter of those blokes end up seeing the first signs of their impending balditude by their 21st birthday. It is said that thinning hair comes not just from the old family gene pool, but also from an overabundance of testosterone, the manly man hormone. And yet bald is still considered a four-letter word. Well, it literally is one, but you know what we mean - a naughty no-no word, a phobia, a taboo. 

If you’re one of the balding many, no worries! We here at VITAMAN are here to show you the way to confidently sally forth with some of the best men’s haircuts for thinning hair. These hairstyles will help you look and feel your best and are a heck of a lot better than the obvious rugs of yesteryear. Let’s begin!

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Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #1 - The “Cueball”

Nothing says “Here I am world, ready to grab life by the knackers” like a smooth, shiny, freshly-shaved chrome dome. That’s because it oozes confidence - a man with not a whit of hair on his head isn’t hiding behind anything. 

If you want to go this route, you’re going to want to make sure your scalp is at its touchable best, because the right hands are going to be drawn to rubbing it like koalas to a eucalyptus tree. Check out our guide "How to care for bald head" and our Men's Scalp Treatment to keep that pate smooth, soft, and pleasant.

Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #2 - The “Buzz Cut”

Buzz cuts, the old military favorite, are a great option for dudes who are going bald in a patchy kind of way yet still want to maintain some follicular coverage. A buzz cut has the advantage of drawing attention to your handsome mug and away from a receding hairline. Looks great paired with a full beard as well.

Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #3 - The “Ivy League” with a Drop Fade

Getting an Ivy League haircut has nothing to do with grades and test scores - even the biggest drongo can rock this ‘do! An Ivy League men’s hairstyle is basically a crew cut where the top is left just long enough for a side part and the crown is cut short. When you pair it with a drop fade, the side part helps work with a hairline that is receding at the edges to stay looking retro yet trendy. 

fade haircut men

Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #4 - The “High and Tight”

If a faux hawk is a bit too funky fresh for the likes of you, give the high and tight a go. Kept short on top but cropped and faded on the sides, this men’s haircut is functional, easy to maintain, and very masculine. Your face will be the star of the show and thinning hair will be forgotten.

Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #5 - The “Faux Hawk”

Edgy and stylish all at once, a faux hawk can take you from the boardroom to the pub to the bedroom, you untameable Tasmanian devil you. This style won’t work so well if you’re going bald in a horseshoe fashion (aka, receding at the front instead of on the sides). Otherwise, keep it relatively short on top and style with some product - perhaps you need a styling gel for fine and thinning hair!

Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #6 - The “Short and Messy”

Is crisp and clean not exactly your thing when it comes to hairstyles? Don’t change who you are just because some of the old follies are calling it quits. A short and messy textured hairstyle can cover a variety of sins (not murder, though, so don’t try it). Style away and finish with a spritz or two of our sea salt spray to add texture and volume for that carefree-day-at-the-beach look.

slick back haircut men

Men's Haircut for Thinning Hair #7 - The “Slicked Back”

Hey slick, if you want to hold onto some length but are wary of the greasy, corny combovers of yore, you can try a nice slicked back look. Just insert a comb into your hot little hand, take some product, and slick that hair from front to back. Looks awesome with sunglasses and leather gloves, but that’s just our idea of a good time.

See, there’s no need to be banished to Bald Island (although it is full of adorable quokkas). There are plenty of amazing options for men’s haircuts for thinning hair. And if you want to strengthen and thicken the appearance of your precious albeit dwindling locks, don’t forget to check out our tips for fixing hair loss naturally and our Thinning Hair Treatment Kit!


Now that you have the best men's haircuts for thinning hair, let's recap on the products that can help you:

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