Best Men’s Haircuts for Thinning Hair

Best Haircut Styles & Grooming Products For Men With Thinning Hair

Here are the facts:

  1. 50% of men will experience some level of hair loss by the time they are 50
  2. 25% of those men experience the first signs of hair loss by their 21st birthday

Most guys believe that a man's genes cause thinning hair. But did you know it can also be caused by an overabundance of testosterone?

Sorry to break it to you - but just because your old man has a full head of hair, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed the same as you grow older. 

So what are your options? Embrace the bald, grab your razor and go full Jason Statham? Sure, if that's your thing... but there is another way.

In today's blog, we're covering the best men’s haircuts for thinning hair to help you look and feel your best. 

bald haircut men

#1 Is A Bald Head Better Than Thinning Hair?

Nothing says “Here I am world, ready to grab life by the knackers” like a smooth, shiny, freshly-shaved chrome dome. It oozes confidence and shows you're the type of guy who has nothing to hide.

If you want to go down this path, you’re going to want to make sure your scalp is at its touchable best, because the right hands are going to be drawn to rubbing it like koalas to a eucalyptus tree.

Check out our guide on "How to care for bald head" and "Should Men Shave Their Heads If They're Going Bald", as well as our Men's Scalp Treatment to keep head smooth, soft, and pleasant.

#2 The Men's Buzz Cut 

Buzz cuts, the old military favorite, are a great option for guys who have thinning and patchy hair. The shorter profile of the buzz helps to lessen the appearance of thinning patches and create a more balance appearance across the whole of the head.

A buzz cut also has the advantage of drawing attention to your face and away from a receding hairline.

Looks great paired with a full beard as well.

#3 Ivy League Men's Haircut

Getting an Ivy League haircut has nothing to do with grades and test scores.

This men’s thinning hairstyle is basically a crew cut where the top is left just long a side parting is cut in and the crown is buzzed short.

Pair it with a drop fade, and the side parting helps blend the receding edges of a man's hair and add style to your widow's peaks.

fade haircut men

#4 “High and Tight” Hairstyle For Men

If a faux hawk is a bit too funky fresh for the likes of you, give the high and tight a go.

Kept short on top but cropped and faded on the sides, this men’s haircut is functional, easy to maintain, and very masculine.

Your face will be the star of the show and thinning hair will be forgotten.

#5 The Faux Hawk

Edgy and stylish all at once, a faux hawk can take you from the boardroom to the bar and even to the bedroom. It's a modern cut that women love, which won't look out of place when worn with a suit and tie.

The best thing? It's incredibly easy to achieve. Just as your barber to keep it relatively short on top and seperate the sides using a hair trimmer.

To style, use a styling gel for fine and thinning hair that will give you a decent amount of hold.

Be warned: this style won’t work so well if you’re going bald in a horseshoe fashion (receding at the front and middle instead of on the sides). 

#6 Keeping Men's Hair “Short and Messy”

Is the crisp and clean look not your thing?

Then chances are you'll prefer a short and messy hairstyle over a crew cut.

A messy textured hairstyle can cover a variety of sins when it comes to men's thinning hair. Uncombed hair that doesn't travel in one direction can help cover up thinning patches and make your hair look thicker all over.

Style away and finish with a spritz or two of our sea salt spray to add texture and volume for that carefree-day-at-the-beach look.

slick back haircut men

#7 Slicked Back Hairstyles

Hey slick, if you want to hold onto some length but are wary of the greasy, corny combovers of yore, you can try a nice slicked back look.

Use a comb, take some product, and slick that hair from front to back. Looks awesome with sunglasses and leather gloves, but that’s just our idea of a good time.

To achieve this look, you'll need to ask your barber to cut the sides of your hair down and keep a good amount of length through the top. Make sure you let them know the style you're trying to achieve - any barber worth his salt will know exactly what to do to help you achieve this look. 

There are plenty of amazing options for men’s haircuts for thinning hair. And if you want to strengthen and thicken the appearance of your thinning hair, don’t forget to check out our tips for fixing hair loss naturally and our Thinning Hair Treatment Kit!


Now that you have the best men's haircuts for thinning hair, let's recap on the products that can help you:

Grab any of these and watch your hair become 10x better!

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