how to treat itchy beard

How To Stop & Treat An Itchy Beard

You dreamed of having a thick, lush, ruggedly handsome beard for years, and now you finally decided to grow one. 

Bravo to you, good sir! But since nothing is perfect in this life, your beautiful dream-come-true has now turned into a nightmare thanks to beard itch.

Don’t freak out - we’re here to help you figure out how to stop an itchy beard!

how to treat itchy beard 

Why Is My Beard So Itchy?

Let’s explore some common causes of an itchy beard. One of the most common causes is impatience. By that, we mean new beards are often itchy beards. Your tender baby face just isn’t used to all these sharp little hairs irritating the surface of the skin. 

New beard hairs are sharp on the ends because, unless you have been growing your facial hair out since the first whisper of a crustache blessed your upper lip in middle school, you’ve been shaving. 

When you shave, you leave a sharp edge at the end of the hair, which has the potential to irritate and scratch the follicle.

Sharp little edges are also behind razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The hair can act like a little needle, puncturing the skin and growing right back into it. This is especially a problem for blokes with curly hair since the hair curls back towards the skin more often. 

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can be hiding under your beard, itching up a storm.

Beards can also be plagued with dandruff, folliculitis (irritation to the follicle caused by bacteria or fungus, and even just plain old dry skin. All good reasons to give your beard a good scratch! 

Should I Scratch My Beard?

Scratching never solved anything, mate. 

You risk irritating your already-itchy skin even further, maybe even introducing bacteria if you scratch too hard. Plus, if beard dandruff is a problem, watch out for a snow storm!

Instead of scratching your face off, try some better solutions for stopping beard itch:

  • Clean your face regularly 
  • Don’t shower with super hot water (which can be drying)
  • Don’t trim your beard until those sharp ends have a chance to grow away from skin
  • Get a high-quality beard brush and brush your beard daily
  • Avoid harsh beard and face products, opt for natural ingredients instead

Does Beard Oil Stop Beard Itch?

It certainly helps! A good beard oil made with quality natural ingredients can soothe beard itch by moisturizing and calming irritation. A bonus side effect -  beard oil leaves your beard soft and nourished while also making it stronger. 

VITAMAN all natural men's shaving oil does double duty as a beard oil and is made with antimicrobial, hydrating and soothing coconut oil. That’s good news if your beard itch is caused by bacteria or fungus! 

Plus it has patchouli oil and cinnamon oil so sad beard scratching will turn to happy beard sniffing in no time!

Can I Use A Hair Conditioner On My Beard?

Absolutely, mate!  As long as it’s a nice all-natural one. 

We already told you that men should use conditioner on the hair growing from their scalps. Conditioner makes hair softer and more manageable. Softer hair sounds a lot less likely to scrape the heck out of your face, doesn’t it?

A moisturizing conditioner for dry skin can work wonders on that itchy beard. You want one that’s going to help maintain your skin’s pH balance. Avoid harsh chemical ingredients like the plague!

What Natural Products Are Best For An Itchy Beard?

Argan oil is like a magic wand for beard itch. Not only does argan oil make your beard hair softer, it can also help increase facial hair volume for a fuller look. 

Coconut oil can also be great for beard itch. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin under the beard and loosens flakes of dead skin. Buildup of dead skin flakes, even if it’s not dandruff, can contribute to annoying beard itch.

The skin under your burgeoning beard is similar enough to the skin of your scalp that it’s a good idea to try an all-natural all-natural itchy scalp treatment if the itching is really keeping you up at night. Ours soothes dryness, itch, and even flakiness. 

If you have an underlying skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis that is contributing to your beard itch, our scalp treatment can help soothe that, too. 

We think we hear a bit less beard scratching out there in Internet Land, so it sounds like a job well done. Now that you’re taming that beard itch, the sky’s the limit for the growth of that fantastic beard! Or the floor, I guess. You don’t want to grow a beard so long you’re stepping on it.

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