Vitamin C Face Serum Explained

To understand why you need a men's Vitamin C Face Serum (sometimes known as Primer) and how it fits into your daily skincare routine - think of your face as a wall you're about to repaint. 

If you're ever tried slapping paint onto an untreated wall, you'll know preparation is everything.

You must follow these steps in order to get a smooth finish.

  1. Clean
  2. Apply primer
  3. Apply paint

Using this this example, men's skin protector is the primer and a natural man's face moisturizer is the paint. 


mens natural grooming products skin protector


First, you need to get rid of the old paint so you can treat the wall.Wash your face with a men's face cleanser to clean and clear the surface.

Apply primer 

You apply a primer coat to smooth the wall's surface, fill in any imperfections and to allow the paint to glide on easily.

Like a primer, Skin Protector prepares and treats your face before you apply the moisturizer ("paint").

A Skin Protector (think of it as a "primer for men") should contain Vitamin C which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevents your skin sagging.

This step is crucial because the next step 'seals' your face's surface, meaning nothing you put on it afterwards will be absorbed into your skin.

You wouldn't be able to teat your wall after you painted it and this is exactly the same for your face. 

Apply paint

Your face is now ready for the "paint coat" - a natural face moisturizer for men which finishes the job by acting as a barrier to prevent moisture escaping from your skin's surface. 

A common misconception is that face moisturizer hydrates your face. It doesn't - it forms a barrier to stop moisture escaping from your face. 

    So you see that a good quality, natural men's Skin Protector is an essential part of your skincare routine.

    It smooths and nourishes your skin before you apply your moisturizer, which finishes the process. 

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