Should Men Shave Before Or After Showering?

Look at your wild and wooly mug, mate. It’s definitely time for a shave. Or wait - IS it? You may be past due for a visit from the razor fairy, but when should you shave? Does the time of day you scrape off those beard hairs make a difference in the quality of your shave? 

We especially wonder if it makes a difference when you shave in relation to your shower. Should you shave before or after you shower? 

If you think about it a lot (which of course we here at VITAMAN do), there are arguments to be made for shaving before the shower and arguments to be made for shaving after the shower. 

The type of razor you use may also make a difference in deciding when to shave your face. Let's take a journey into figuring this out together.

should you shave before or after shower

What is the best time to shave your face?

The shower isn’t the only part of your day to consider when deciding when to shave your face. Maybe you should consider the time of day as well. Is there actually an ideal time of day to shave your face?

We’ve written before about how to get the the closest shave every morning. Shaving in the morning makes sense. It’s logical to make shaving one more step in your tightly-planned morning routine. Plus, you want to look your freshest for the day, don’t you?

But actually, unless you’re a bloke who's stubble grows at an alarming rate and you’re in love with the totally smooth look, you might want to consider shaving at night.

A long night of sleep means lots of time for blood and fluid to pool in your face skin. 

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That’s why so many people look puffy in the morning, especially if they’ve been a little naughty with diet and alcohol (if you feel like puffy morning skin is a particular problem for you, check out our overnight fixes for skin and hair).

That also means that your skin is swollen in the morning, so swollen that not as much stubble is sticking out. 

If you waited to shave until the evening when your fluids have had time to circulate and the puffiness has calmed down, you’d not only get a closer shave, you’d be less likely to cut yourself and spring a big-time bloody leak. Yikes!

Is it bad to shave before you shower?

We get the attraction of shaving before you shower. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you’re guaranteed to rinse off all those gross tiny hairs. Is there anything wrong with shaving before the shower?

Well, there might be, especially if you have sensitive skin. A dry pre-shower shave is more likely to irritate your skin. Shaving dry is way more likely to give you razor burn and razor bumps, especially on your extra-sensitive neck area.

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Why is shaving dry more likely to give you razor burn? 

Well, it’s because when the hair follicles and skin are dry, it increases the razor’s resistance. Increased resistance means you have to pull and scrape that much harder, which is just a recipe for irritation. 

Another way to soften and lubricate the skin and follicles pre-shave is to use an all-natural shave oil. The same heavenly-smelling shave oil can be used as beard oil, too, for soft lustrous facial hair.

Why is it better to shave after you shower?

It’s better to shave after your shower for a few reasons. First of all, getting a blast of that nice warm water to your face doesn’t just make you feel good. It softens the skin and hair and lubricates the skin. 

The steam from a nice hot shower can open up the pores as well, making for a closer shave. Just don’t make the water too hot, though, because that can be drying to your skin. Funny how water can make you dry, isn’t it?

You could also buy an anti-fogging mirror and shave while you shower. This saves time and gives you a nice close safe shave. If it works for the ladies shaving their leg hairs, it can work for blokes and their faces!

There’s just one exception . . . 

Should you shave with an electric razor before or after you shower?

Obviously, you can’t be using an electric razor in the shower. Haven’t you ever seen a cartoon where electricity plus water equals a briefly-viewed skeleton followed by blackened smoking hair? 

If you want to use an electric razor, it’s best done before the shower. Showering with an electric razor, you risk damaging the device more than anything. 

Electric razors tend to give a rougher shave in general. It’s also harder to cut slippery wet hair with an electric razor. Electric razors have a lot to offer in the way of convenience, we understand, but if you want that perfect shave, old-school razors are the way to go.

Conclusion: Shave before or after shower?

So in general, it seems like the majority of dudes looking for a smooth safe shave would do well to work shaving into their shower routine or shave after the shower. 

We know it might take more time and effort to shave after the shower, but anything worth doing is worth doing right! 

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