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🚀 What's the job?

Your skills in customer acquisition and paid ads (primarily YouTube Ads) will kick into high gear as you strategize to guide a flood of fantastic customers to our online store.

Lucky for us, our business owner is a seasoned YouTuber, which means we're all set with top-notch video content. All we're missing is a superstar like you, someone with a keen eye for creative content, scriptwriting, and managing campaigns.

But hey - we don't want to rein you in. We encourage free thinking and initiative.

If you identify a fresh avenue for Customer Acquisition, we wholeheartedly invite you to pursue it! We're all about fueling continual growth and seizing every opportunity that comes our way.

We cherish curiosity, initiative, and responsibility at VITAMAN, so you'll be encouraged to ask questions, take the lead, and fully own your role.

🪪 Who Are You?

You are a go-getting maverick who flourishes in the pulsating energy of a fast-paced start-up.

You're naturally entrepreneurial; perhaps you've even owned a business before?

You're fluent in Shopify, e-commerce and adept at metrics reporting. And with an instinct for networking and a proven track record of driving customer growth, you're also a wizard with Paid Traffic, particularly YouTube Ads.

You're passionate, motivated, and ready to spring into action. You thrive in the fluid rhythm of remote work, comfortable with its unique pace and adaptability.

Experience in men’s skincare and hair care? That's a great bonus but not a deal-breaker.

Key Requirements:

  • Experience with paid traffic strategies, specifically YouTube
  • Proven skills in driving customer growth
  • Proficient with Shopify, e-commerce, and metric reporting
  • Comfortable working independently
  • Comfortable reporting metrics
  • Enjoy networking and building relationships
  • Taking 100% ownership
  • Works with urgency
  • Super organized, diligent, and ready to show off your plans

We look forward to touching base with you soon!

To apply for this job, please click here to complete our Application Form.

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