vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub
vitaman sea salt body scrub

Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub

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  • Our rugged body exfoliator banishes bacne for good
  • Helps prevent ingrown hairs - perfect for men who wax or shave their body hair
  • Removes dead skin cells and deep cleans your pores, leaving you with healthy, smooth, and youthful skin
  • Made with locally sourced Australian Sea Salt (no plastic microbeads) 
  • If used as instructed, this product will last approximately 3 months
  • Buy risk-free - 100% money-back guarantee

To shed the dirt and grime that can build up from a day on the tools or a session in the gym, our Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub is the perfect exfoliant to eliminate dead skin cells and unclog pores.

It will leave your skin healthy, smooth, and youthful-looking - and banish bacne for good.

Our natural men's body scrub is made with locally sourced sea salt from the rugged Australian coast.

Salt contains trace minerals which de-clog your pores and relieve the congestion that contributes to ingrown hairs and acne. Our Australian Sea Salt invigorates your skin, promoting circulation and healthy skin turnover. 

Our men's body scrub is loaded with essential oils like Macadamia Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil and other unique plant ingredients sourced from the Australian Outback.

We use Aloe Vera Leaf Juice which promotes minor wound, burns and rash healing and is an excellent moisturizer and emollient. It's also an excellent soother, healer, repairer and collagen booster.

The Cedarwood essential oil we use has a balancing effect on your skin's sebaceous glands - whether they are overactive or underactive - making it excellent for dry or oily skin. Soothing and comforting, cedarwood oil extracts are best known for their warm, woody and balsamic aromas.

We do not use harmful plastic microbeads like some other brands. And as you might expect from VITAMAN - you won't find any artificial fragrances here - we use Cinnamon and Patchouli Oil as our natural aroma. 

10.58 oz (300g) 

If used as instructed, this product will last approximately 2+ months.

How It Works

  • Rugged, natural formula unclogs your pores to remove dirt and oil, leaving you clear skin and no embarrassing pimples or back acne
  • Perfect for use after the gym when your pores are clogged with sweat
  • Frees ingrown hairs
  • Smoothes razor bumps
  • Made from real sea salt (but it doesn't sting!) - it's rugged and cleans away dry, dead skin leaving you with fresh, smooth skin
  • Salt invigorates the skin, promoting more efficient circulation and healthy skin cell turnover. 
  • Does not clog pores and washes away easily
  • Does not dry out your skin
  • No plastic microbeads (good for your skin and the environment) 
  • One tub will last approximately 2 months!
  • No strong scent - natural cinnamon and patchouli aroma
  • pH balanced formula suits all skin types


Sea Salt Body Scrub
1-2 x per week
  • Best used in the shower while skin is wet (not under running water).
  • Scoop out a grape size amount of Sea Salt Body Scrub and work in circular movements over the body (avoid the face).
  • Reapply more scrub as needed with wet fingertips.
  • Rinse off in the shower and towel dry


All our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, enriched with native Australian botanicals. We list our ingredients in more detail, along with how and why we use them, on our ingredients page.
We never use harmful synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or unnecessary colors.
Our products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, glycols, mineral oil, DEA, TEA, ethanol and lanolin. 

Sea Salt Body Scrub - Major Active Ingredients:
  • Australian Sea Salt
  • Macadamia Nut Oil*
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*
  • Sweet Almond Oil*
  • Coconut Oil*
  • Walnut Shell Powder
  • Silica
  • Vitamin E
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil*
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Cedarwood Bark Oil*
*Certified Organic Ingredient
80% Certified Organic Ingredients
99% Naturally-Derived Ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No animal derivatives
  • No artificial colors
  • No harsh detergents
  • No propylene glycols
  • No petrolatum
  • No mineral oils
  • No phthalates
  • No sulfates
  • No Triclosan
  • No parabens
  • No silicones
  • No EDTA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Shane Spagnola
    First Time user

    I have never used a sea salt body scrub before, so this was all new to me. I personally I have come to like it. It definitely leaves your skin feeling refreshed & clean. In fact i have had a small bump on my leg by my ankle for 2 years at least. Never could get it to pop. After the first use of this body scrub I saw the ingrown hair sticking out of my skin. So it definitely prevents ingrowns! I saw a review talking about the smell and I would agree, its not the best smelling product, but also not heavy or lingering. As soon as I rinse it off I don't smell it anymore. Now maybe if you smell your arm close up but just standing around normal is no problem. Another little advisory is this product turns my chest red. Maybe this is because I start with my arms, then chest, legs and so on. So maybe my chest is too sensitive to leave on that long & switching how I apply it might help. I will say good news is the redness goes away immediately after rinsing. So just use a bit of caution there if you have sensitive skin. I have switched all my products over to Vitaman now cause I enjoy what they offer & the products work. I know some things may seem crazy like 20 plus dollars for deodorant & while some people may not switch everything over, I do recommend spending a little extra on body wash, face, & hair. The skin protector serum was definitely my wow moment with getting a natural tan after 2 uses. Everyone was asking where I was tanning. Definitely give this company a chance & try different things. It's worth the extra cost - 100%

    Hey Shane,

    I'm speechless! Thank you very much for such a detailed and lovely review - I really appreciate you taking out the time to let us know your honest opinion about the product.

    I'm glad to see that the Sea Salt Body Scrub is working well for you and that you see immediate results. Personally, it's my favorite product because of the fresh & clean feeling that you've mentioned.

    I understand that the smell may pleasant to some, and not pleasant to others - but as you've said, with rinsing it quickly goes away and it's only noticeable when really close to the skin.

    With your chest becoming red, perhaps you're applying the scrub too hard on your skin (chest skin tends to be more sensitive as well) - perhaps try applying the scrub very gently, barely pressing at all and that should help you.

    I'm glad to see you like our other products as well and that you're gladly recommending us to others - it's always great to see a happy VITAMAN!

    Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN

    Good stuff

    Still getting used to it. Gotten compliments on the scent. Don't be too aggressive. Skin feels softer already. Will be buying more

    Hey John,

    I'm happy to hear you like the Sea Salt Body Scrub and thank you for taking out the time to let us know what you think about the product!

    I'm sure you'll get used to it fairly soon, if you've never used a product similar to that before I understand how it could take a week or two to fully get used to it.

    Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN

    Works great! Beware the scent :-/

    Having never used a body scrub before, I was impressed with how my skin felt after use. But the odd smell was too much for me (and my wife). If this gets reformulated with different oils, etc., I will definitely try again.

    Hey David,

    Thank you very much for your honest review!

    Regarding our products' natural aromas - we never use artificial, synthetic fragrances - we only use natural Australian botanicals. In this case, we use patchouli oil, cinnamon leaf oil, and cedarwood bark oil.

    I understand this may be a little different from what you're used to, so please rest assured we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not 100% delighted with your purchase. I've emailed you directly, and I look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN

    Nate Cook
    Sea salt body scrub

    Haven’t used it a whole yet but so far it’s a great natural product, I like the fact that’s it’s a sea salt your exfoliating your body with. Very smart idea by the creator. And it seems it’ll last awhile as long as you don’t exfoliate your body too much.

    Hey Nate, thanks for your message! I'm glad you like the sea salt body scrub, it's a great product :) Look forward to speaking again - Dom, VITAMAN

    Kujtim Redzovic

    It does exactly what it says it does. I like the after effect and just overall performance

    Hi Kujtim, the Sea Salt Body Scrub is my personal favorite! Glad you're loving it too! Thanks for leaving us a great review, Gavin - VITAMAN

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