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Dry Hair & Dry Scalp Treatment Kit

Dry Hair & Dry Scalp Treatment Kit

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Intensive hydrating treatment for dry hair and a dry, itchy scalp.

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Aussie Hero Ingredient: Australian Aloe Vera - conditions your hair, reduces dandruff, and treats and soothes dry, itchy scalps fast.

Why You'll Love Dry Hair & Scalp Treatment Kit

  • Subtle, natural aroma that smells great!
    • Moisturizing Shampoo - Patchouli and Cinnamon (light, clean, fresh and invigorating)
    • Dry Scalp Treatment - Patchouli and Cypress (mild, warm, earthy, woody, clean and fresh)
    • Moisturizing Conditioner - Patchouli and Cinnamon (mild, warm, earthy, peppery and vanilla-like)
  • Especially effective for men who suffer from dry, brittle hair and a dry and itchy scalp
  • Cleans and hydrates your hair, but it doesn't strip its natural oils
  • Locks in the moisture and nourishes your hair after shampooing
  • Soothes and hydrates your scalp
  • Relieves itchiness due to dryness
  • Excellent in treating & improving flaky scalps and/or psoriasis
  • Naturally cleanses, soothes, and conditions your scalp
  • Nourishes your hair
  • Naturally antibacterial - great for treating cuts and nicks on your scalp

As you age, your body produces less sebum (the natural oil that moisturizes and protects your hair and scalp). This results in dry, brittle, frizzy hair (which is hard to style) and a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp.

Men with curly hair are also affected because sebum can't reach the ends of their hair as quickly. If this is you - you need to change your hair care routine and start using the right products, specifically formulated for men's dry hair.

In just 4 weeks, you can expect:

  • Hydrated, healthier hair
  • Healthier, flake-free scalp
  • No more scalp itching

This treatment kit contains:

  • 1 x Moisturizing Shampoo 8.4 oz 
  • 1 x Moisturizing Conditioner 8.4 oz 
  • 1 x Dry Scalp Treatment 8.4 oz 
If used as instructed, this kit will last approximately 8 weeks. 

    How To Use

    STEP 1 (2-3 times a week)

    • Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water
    • Apply 2 pumps of a moisturizing shampoo to your palm and rub your hands together
    • Apply to your scalp and hair and massage well
    • Rinse thoroughly with warm water
    • If your hair is extra dirty and needs a 2nd clean, repeat the shampoo steps

    STEP 2 (after shampooing)

    • Apply 2 pumps of a moisturizing conditioner to your palm and rub your hands together
    • Apply to your scalp and hair and massage for 5-10 seconds
    • Comb the conditioner through your hair
    • Rinse thoroughly with warm water

    STEP 3 (after applying conditioner)

    • Apply 1 pump of your scalp treatment to your hands and rub them together
    • Apply to your scalp and hair
    • Comb your hair and leave it to dry naturally

    Aussie Hero Ingredients


    Australian Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - Aloe vera has been used for centuries for its healing properties and packed with 75 active ingredients, including vitamins A, C, and E, which aid cell turnover and promote healthy and shiny hair. Aloe Vera also alleviates dry, itchy scalps, repairs damaged hair, and deep cleans dirty or oily hair.

    Australian Argan Oil - Packed with fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid and rich in Vitamin E. Argan Oil nourishes your hair and scalp with a fatty layer of protection which helps prevent dry scalp and alleviates dry, coarse, frizzy hair.

    Australian Coconut Oil - Packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, Coconut Oil penetrates the hair shaft and completely coats each hair strand. It nourishes and hydrates your hair, helps fight dandruff, and reduces frizz.


    Synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, artificial colors, harsh detergents, propylene glycols, MEA/DEA/TEA, petrolatum, mineral oils, phthalates, Triclosan, parabens, silicones, EDTA

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      Matthew Diebel
      Dry hair kit review

      I started using these products about three weeks ago and I have been impressed with how my scalp feels along with how soft my hair looks and feels. VITAMAN really works!

      Hey Matthew, thank you so much for leaving us a review - we really appreciate it!

      We're very happy to hear that you love our products and we do agree - VITAMAN definitely works!

      Look forward to speaking again soon - Julia, VITAMAN

      Eugenio Hinojosa
      Great product!

      Softer hair. No more dry scalp. Very grateful to have found a quality product that works. Thank you.

      Hey Eugenio, thank you very much for your review - really appreciate it!

      We're very happy to hear that your hair looks and feels better (as well as your scalp) and we're sure that won't change any time soon :)

      Dom - VITAMAN USA

      Joshua Nunez
      Nothing Else Works

      I have tried prescription shampoo, tea tree oil, Dr Squatch and soooo many other products. This cost a bit more but since I don't know of any better options - this is my product until it ceases to work, or they change ingredients.
      My scalp before, VITAMAN shampoo, scalp treatment, conditioner, and leave-in moisturizer, was dry, often inflamed, itchy, flaky, tight and all around annoying. These products along with the styling products, have truly given my scalp and hair a level of comfort I have not experienced in 16 years. Yes, dander is still present to some extent, and it does require intentionality, but nothing has ever provided such a marked improvement. It's worth a shot! For me, I can know after a handful of uses if something will work or not. I have been using this stuff for a while now and it is still proving beneficial. Keep it up guys and send me a coupon! ;)
      Only other thing I would add - It would be nice if you could extend the weeks range on the tri-pack subscription. My product tends to go further since it's just me using it and my hair is short. Especially, since I don't necessarily go with daily use. Just a suggestion!

      Hey Joshua, thank you so much for leaving us such a great and honest review - really appreciate it!

      We're happy to hear that your scalp found peace with our Dry Hair Treatment Kit; and just like many other VITAMEN, you noticed 'The VITAMAN Difference' we always talk about :)

      We're also confident that this is not the last we've heard from you and that you'll enjoy our products for years to come.

      And thank you for the suggestion - definitely something to keep in mind :)

      Look forward to speaking again soon! Dom - VITAMAN USA

      Matthew Durkin
      Love it

      It works great been using it for the pass 5 months wish I had this sooner

      Hey Matthew, thank you so much for leaving us a review - I really appreciate it!

      I'm happy to hear you our treatment kit works well for you and I'm sure that won't change any time soon :)

      Look forward to speaking again. - Dom, VITAMAN USA

      John Daniel
      Much improved

      My scalp has greatly improved in the 10 days that I have used the products thus far. I had been to doctors who had prescribed various products both prescription and over the counter, but none have had the effect that these products have had to this point. I have used it every day since I received my order rather than the 3-5 times a week that was suggested. Hopefully over the long haul I will be able to skip a day occasionally. My scalp is no longer as dry and no where near as scaly as it was to begin with. I totally recommend these products.

      Hey John,

      Thank you for taking out the time to leave a review - I really appreciate it!

      I'm very happy to see that you've noticed results as fast as 10 days since starting to use the product, that's great news.

      I'm pretty sure your scalp will become better over time and then it'd be best to use it as recommended - a few times a week!

      If you have any questions regarding the usage of our products, please don't hesitate to contact me at - I'll be more than happy to help!

      Look forward to hearing from you. - Dom, VITAMAN

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