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First things first, we're an American-Australian (Ameristralian?) men's grooming company, and we're on a mission to make men look and feel fantastic every day.

We stand apart from traditional grooming by using high-quality natural ingredients (not the harsh chemicals of days gone by). We know that modern men value what goes on their bodies as much as what they put into them. Plus, we’re incredibly proud to be certified VEGAN.

Our products do so much more than clean, moisturize, and hydrate. They leave our VITAMEN feeling both calm and fresh. This freshness is a sense that a man can take on the day with confidence, knowing that he looks his best.

Job Description

We're looking for an ambitious, motivated, and experienced content writer who prides themselves on the quality of their written work and meticulous attention to detail.

You'll be writing at least 5 emails and 2 blogs weekly and we'll brief you in advance.

We're organized little devils and we like to have everything written and planned out at least 1 month in advance, so it's essential you're also organized and that you stick to deadlines.

    Our Brand Voice

    We embody what it means to be Australian. Rich in character, playful, and supportive. We also have a humorous and irreverent edge!

    We're all about connecting with our audience - no matter their background or profession. We do this through simple, honest messaging, without the unnecessary scientific jargon.

    We’re fun, relaxed, and even a little edgy. But most importantly, we’re engaging.

    In everything we do, our personality shines through. Our customers trust us, and this is maintained through our brand’s straightforward, ‘no BS’ tone.

    What we are:

    • Friendly
    • Relatable
    • Laidback
    • Modern
    • Fresh

    What we're not:

    • Cheap
    • Artificial
    • Boring
    • Average

    How we work:

    • Emails: We'll give you briefs for each email. Our emails are short and snappy; entertaining or educational (or a mix of both).
    • Articles: You'll be provided with a brief - each article is between 600-1500 words max. We don't expect you to be an expert in men's skin and hair care, but you must be able to research thoroughly.
    • You must write to a native American English level, and a basic grasp of SEO wouldn't go amiss either.
    • We produce friendly, informative, and persuasive emails and articles on men's skincare, haircare, and grooming, and we want you to be confident you can deliver this quality of work.
    • Your blogs will be reviewed, and you must be prepared to take feedback and implement it with a quick turnaround.
    • We pay up to ----- per hour.

    If this sounds like your sort of thing, complete the application form below. Look forward to hearing from you!

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