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Eye & Lip Serum

Eye & Lip Serum

27 total reviews

"Iā€™ve been a customer for many years and have never used a VITAMAN product that I didnā€™t like. I use your hair and skin products every day and night and have no intention of stopping." - Robert M.

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Aussie Hero Ingredient: Bilberry Fruit ExtractĀ - reduces dark circles. Rich in antioxidants thatĀ help stabilize cell membranes, strengthen capillaries, reduce redness, and rejuvenateĀ the delicateĀ skin under your eyes.

Why You'll Love Eye & Lip Serum

  1. Subtle, natural aroma that smells greatĀ (mild, citrusy and fresh)
  2. This cooling formula instantly alleviates puffiness, redness, and dark circles.
  3. Boasts a silky, luxurious texture that is rapidly absorbed by the delicate skin under the eyes.
  4. An excellent remedy for eyes tired from prolonged computer screen exposure.
  5. Smooths out wrinkles and lines around the eyes, and reduces fine lines around the lips.
  6. ReducesĀ the appearance of dark circles and revitalizes tired-looking eyes.
  7. Effectively diminishes the appearance of under-eye bags.
  8. Promotes collagen build-up and improves skin hydration for a more youthful look.

Ready to unleash the confident man within? VTAMAN Eye & Lip Serum is the secret weapon in your quest for a youthful, refreshed look.

Our serum contains all the good stuff your skin craves, like Vitamins B3, A, and E. Itā€™s also powered by antioxidants, including white tea, rosehip oil, bilberry extract, and grapefruit oil. Think of it as a permanent vacation for your wrinkles!

Dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles ā€“ we've solved them. Niacinamide (Vit B3), Ubiquinone (that's the fancy name for Coenzyme Q10), Retinyl Palmitate (Vit A), and Vitamin E ā€“ our squad's got it all. You can banish those raccoon eyes for good!

Dull and tired skin? Not on our watch. Whether it's morning puffiness or a long night out, this stuff's got your back (or, should we say, your eyes).

Dry and chapped lips? Not on our watch. Get ready for the softest, smoothest smackers of your life.

Our serum also comes with a hint of citrus because we reckon your face deserves a little zest.

A pea-sized drop is all it takes: no fuss, no nonsense. Our silky, non-greasy serum goes in quickly, so you can get on with your day looking and feeling like a champ.

Health, high performance, and looking your best, that's the name of the game. Your face (and maybe someone else's lips) will thank you.

    0.5oz (15ml).

    If used as instructed, this product willĀ last approximately 3 months.

      How To Use

      For best results, use once a day (morning or evening)

      • Hold the airless serum container upright and dispense one pump of Eye & Lip Serum onto your fingertips. Gently smooth the serum under your eyes, starting from the outer corner and moving inwards towards your nose.
      • Carefully apply the serum over your eyelids, ensuring the skin does not move. Then, use the remaining serum to cover the lips and the area around your mouth.
      • Incorporate this serum into your daily skincare routine. Use it every morning and night as the final step after applying your VITAMAN Face Moisturiser.


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          What Makes Us Different?


          The Others

          Natural, organic Ingredients

          pH balanced to maintain skin and hair health

          Cost-effective for long-term use

          Lightweight formulation

          No misleading claims

          Reputable brand with 20+ years of expertise

          Real person customer service

          No synthetics or carcinogens

          Strong, chemical Scent

          Harsh chemicals

          Results in dryness from overuse

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 27 reviews
          John Truitt

          All I can say is that this product really works. The proof is in the results, try it, you'll be delightfully surprised!

          Hey John! Thanks for the awesome review and I'm delighted you're seeing results like thousands of other VITAMEN out there! We're always here if you need anything. Thanks - Gavin, VITAMAN


          I had really bad bags under my eyes, after only a couple days they reduced significantly

          Cheryl Rocco
          Would definitely purchase again.

          Product worked fantastic by reducing puffiness and dark circles. I will definitely purchase more and recommend to anyone.

          Hey Cheryl, thank you so much for leaving us a review - I really appreciate it!

          I'm happy to hear you've managed to get rid of those dark circles and puffiness, the enemy of every hard worker! I'm also very thankful for your continuing loyalty and support :)

          Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN USA

          Jason Nash
          Best eye cream

          I really like this eye cream. It's clear and goes on easy. I also use it on lips. You definitely want natural products around eye area.

          Hey Jason, thank you so much for leaving us a review!

          I'm happy to hear you like the Eye Cream and you're looking good! :)

          Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN

          Eric Ekstrand
          Eye Serum

          I work third shift and had very dark circles around my eyes, they are starting to become noticeably lighter, and I'm sure with continued use will eventually disappear. I also really like the citrus scent.

          Hey Eric, thank you for the review - I really appreciate it!

          I'm happy to hear you're noticing a difference and I'm sure that dark circles will disappear soon enough!

          Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN


          Cellular Extractionā„¢ Method

          Many brands claim to be filled with all-natural ingredients but often rely on fermentation-based extraction methods that damage a plantā€™s cellular structure, compromising both quality and effectivenessā€”completely defeating the purpose. Our Australian supplierĀ has pioneered the cutting-edge Cellular Level Extraction Method.ā„¢

          This innovative technology ensures the cellular integrity of wild-harvested botanicals is maintained, resulting in the purest, true-to-nature extracts and potent bio-compounds available today.

          Thanks to this advanced extraction method, weā€™re able to capture the natural potency and purity of Australian botanicals in their most authentic form, exactly as nature intended.


            Cellular Extractionā„¢ Technology ensures our natural Australian botanicals are delivered in their most pure and potent form, providing superior benefits for your skin, hair, and overall wellbeing.


            Our bioactive compounds are more readily absorbed by your skin and hair, meaning faster, more visible results. This efficient delivery system means your skin and hair benefits from every nutrient.


            Our naturally potent extracts deliver enduring vitality and health, ensuring your skin and hair not only appear and feel their best but also receive lasting benefits.

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          Meet The Founder

          Clare Castles, a seasoned beauty therapist, international skincare lecturer, and former salon owner, foresaw the rise of menā€™s grooming trends in Australia before they took the world by storm.

          With an eye for innovation and a heart for creation, Clare embarked on a journey of discovery into indigenous biochemistry, which soon blossomed into a passion for formulating exceptional skincare products.

          This unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm led to the birth of VITAMAN in December 1999, marking the dawn of Australia's first true pioneer in menā€™s grooming.

          To this day, Clare remains dedicated to VITAMAN's legacy of being the most innovative, effective, and natural menā€™s haircare and skincare product range available today.

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