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Hair Food - Growth Serum

Hair Food - Growth Serum

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Revitalizes your hair from the root up, delivering noticeable thickness and volume in just 4 weeks.

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Aussie Hero Ingredient: Quandong Seed Extract - High in protein, nourishing and strengthening fine, weak hair.

Why You'll Love Hair Food

  • Naturally boosts and volumizes hair from the root up.
  • Start seeing results in as little to 4 weeks
  • Revitalizes your hair and scalp with proven natural ingredients
  • pH balanced to suit the chemistry of your hair and scalp.
  • Subtle, natural aroma that smells great - Patchouli, Rosemary, and Nettle (mild, fresh, earthy, spicy).

Introducing Hair Food - the secret weapon in your hair care regimen.

This power-packed product targets your roots, leveraging powerful natural Australian ingredients to boost growth and thickness from the root up.

The result? A thicker, luscious mane in as little as 4 weeks.


In this phase, the benefits of Saw Palmetto are harnessed to prepare your hair follicles for growth.

Saw Palmetto inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, reducing the production of DHT—a hormone that can cause follicles to shrink.

By reducing DHT levels, this phase removes waste from your follicles and repairs broken protein bonds, thus preparing your roots for growth.


Your hair then receives a boost from Australian Quandong Seed Oil, a high-protein, Vitamin C-rich ingredient derived from a native peach fruit found in the central desert of Australia.

This oil, rich in essential fatty acids, nourishes and protects your hair and scalp, managing skin irritation and inflammation. The nutrients in Quandong Seed Oil effectively stimulate your hair follicles, promoting thicker, stronger, and healthier hair over time.

In just 4 weeks, you can expect:

8.4oz (250ml).

If used as instructed, this product will last approximately 12 weeks.

How To Use

For best results, use our Hair Food daily or every other day

  • Step out of the shower and gently towel dry your hair
  • Apply 1 pump of Hair Food to your hands and rub them together and apply to your scalp and hair
  • Comb your hair and leave it to dry naturally.

Pro Tips

  • If you have more time to treat your hair and scalp, apply 4 pumps of Hair Food to wet or dry, clean hair
  • Massage and leave in for at least 20 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and follow with Volumizing Conditioner

Aussie Hero Ingredients


Australian Peppermint Oil - stimulates circulation, bringing fresh blood supply to your skin cells to promote hair growth. It's also an excellent natural antibacterial that leaves the skin/hair clean and fresh. 

Quandong Seed Oil - Quandong is a native peach fruit found in the central desert of Australia. High in protein and Vitamin C, it has been used for thousands of years. Quandong seeds are rich in essential fatty acids that contain the quality protein that nourishes and protects your hair and scalp, and helps control skin irritation and inflammation.

Panthenol - Also known as pro-vitamin B5, Panthenol conditions and strengthens your hair, leaving it soft and smooth. It can also help protect your hair from styling or environmental damage by locking in moisture.

  • Certified Organic*
  • Plant derived+
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Artificial Fragrance-Free
  • Vegan Australia Certified
  • Non-GMO
  • pH balanced 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Muti Sufi
Love the hair food and the leave in moisturizer

I use hair food and believe in moisturizer and love both of them. I have been using them for a while now while also growing my hair out. It is now well past my shoulders and my barber is always amazed at how healthy my hair is. I'm 49 years old and I think I have the hair of a 29-year-old!

Hey Muti, thank you for sending across the review - really appreciate it!

We're extremely happy to hear that your hair looks amazing and we have to agree, it looks absolutely stunning! :)


Omar N
Visible results

I have been using the hair food cream for a few weeks now and I can see that my hair looks thicker, less hair fall, the product has great texture is not greasy at all and the smell is very natural, I will keep purchasing.

Hey Omar, thank you so much for leaving us a review - really appreciate it!

We're super happy to hear that our Hair Food was able to make a difference for your hair and we're sure it will only get better :)


Ramin Tehrani
Great shampoo

Leaves my hair clean a more full looking, feel like it washes away the residual DHT oils.

Hey Ramin, thank you for leaving us a review - really appreciate it!

Happy to hear that you love the Hair Food and that your hair feels cleaner; we're sure that won't change any time soon :)

Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN USA

Reid Barwick
Better than expected.

I have used their "Hair Food" product for three weeks now, and it has made a dramatic difference in the feel and look of my hair. As a salt and pepper guy, the salt was missing the nutrients to keep everything in line. Most noticeable was the wife's comments relative to my appearance. Big time points. I am very pleased with the results. It's worth the value on this one.

Thanks for leaving us a review Reid - really appreciate it!

We're very happy that you and those around you have noticed a difference in your hair, that's great news :)

We are also confident that won't change any time soon :)

Look forward to speaking again - Julia, VITAMAN USA

Theodore Mammele
Hair food

The product works great and doesn't leave your hair greasy. Thanks

Hey Theodore, thank you so much for leaving us a review - appreciate it!

We're glad to hear that you love our Hair Food and we have to agree, it's an amazing product!

Look forward to speaking again soon. - Dom, VITAMAN USA

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