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How Should Guys Care For Long Hair?

If you're a guy with long hair, you already know how striking it makes you look, don't you? It looks effortlessly cool and casual and makes you stand out from the crowd. 

But listen up! Your long hair can quickly make you stand out in all the wrong ways if you don’t care for it… 

long hair care for menThe price you pay for having such a head-turning hairstyle is that you need to take care of it properly in order to keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

But before you give up, we've got good news for you! We'll discuss all you need to know about maintaining your long hair in this article and spoiler alert - it isn’t as hard as you might think!

If you're ready, so are we. Let's get right into it. 

How Do Men Clean Long Hair? 

Just like your skin, the first step to caring for your long hair is ensuring that it's always clean.

Clean hair makes your hair color pop and avoids that dull, lackluster look that comes with dirty hair (Professor Snape, we’re looking at you…).

So, how do you wash your long hair? With shampoo (yes, we all know that), but what kind of shampoo? Now, this is where it gets interesting…

The first thing to know about shampoos is that not every brand has your best interest at heart. Some hair care brands only produce products to make a profit, and if it means using harsh chemicals, then so be it. 

The safe way to avoid such products is to go for trusted all-natural ingredients brands. 

Secondly, you should go for a specially formulated product to meet your specific hair needs. 

For example, if your concern is increasing your hair's volume, VITAMAN's hair thickening shampoo is your best bet. 

And if you're dealing with dry hair, the moisturizing shampoo for men serves you best.  

For guys that struggle with greasy hair, you’ll need a specially formulated men's shampoo for oily hair!

Regardless of your choice, using a natural haircare products will remove dirt and product build-up from your hair without stripping its essential oils/nutrients. 

This is essential to avoid getting into a never-ending cycle of shampooing to get rid of dirt only for it to reappear the next day because your scalp is trying to replenish the lost oils.

Now you know how to pick the best shampoo for your long hair, how exactly do you ensure that you get rid of all the dirt and grime from the day?

To wash your hair, start by wetting it with clean water. Run your fingers through your hair strands under running water to ensure that they're completely wet. 

When you have long hair, it's important to really focus on separating each section of hair, to make sure that each segment is thoroughly washed. 

Now, it's time to add your shampoo. Start with the roots and work your way down towards the ends of your locks. 

It's important to take care of your scalp too, so make sure to give it a good massage with your fingertips as you work the shampoo in.

Rinse your hair out with warm water till you're sure you've washed off all the shampoo residue. Remember, never use hot water on your hair - unless you're going for that dry/brittle look...

Should Men Condition Long Hair? 

Hair conditioners are a vital part of a good hair care routine for a number of reasons:

Conditioners Add Shine To Your Hair 

Conditioners do a great job of improving your hair texture and overall appearance. 

Quality natural hair conditioners will make your hair color look more vibrant, shiny, and appealing. They also contain vital nutrients to give your hair a sleek look and appearance. 

They Prevent Hair Breakage 

If you're dealing with hair breakage, some of the main culprits are dehydration, improper styling, and loss of essential hair nutrients. 

Fortunately, regardless of the cause, quality natural hair conditioners contain active ingredients to prevent hair breakage, frizziness, and split ends. With the right conditioner, your hair will remain voluminous and healthy. 

Conditioners Serve As Protective Barriers 

One of the most amazing benefits of using conditioners is that they protect your cuticles and keep them healthy. 

Without conditioners, your cuticles become exposed to harsh weather elements, harmful chemicals, and other environmental factors that cause damage. 

By keeping your cuticles healthy and protected, conditioners ensure that your hair remains shiny and lush. 

Quality Conditioners Can Repair Damaged Hair  

If your long hair has suffered some damage due to harsh chemicals and heat, conditioners can repair it. All-natural conditioners contain active ingredients to improve weak, dry, thin, or fine hair. Regardless of the severity of hair damage, using suitable conditioners as often as necessary can help put life back into your damaged hair. 

They Keep Your Hair Moisturized  

Moisturizing or hydrating your hair makes it strong and improves its elasticity. It also reduces your risk of frizzy and damaged hair. You can achieve well-hydrated hair by using a moisturizing conditioner for men.

Conditioners Make Your Hair Easy To Manage and Style 

Conditioners soften your long hair and make it easy to comb. With easy, tangle-free combing, your hair becomes easy to style and manage. 

You'll also find that you have less chance of creating build-up and knots in your hair, which can lead to breakage and split ends.

To be sure you're using the best-quality hair conditioners, and make sure you leave the conditioner on long enough to work its magic! 

Most conditioners require about two minutes of soaking to be effective. After rinsing the conditioner out, your hair will feel smoother, silkier, and frizz-free!

How Do Guys Maintain Long Hair? 

So now you know how to shampoo and condition your long mane, but what's next? 

In order to keep your locks looking good year-round (or even month-to-month), you need to take a look at how guys keep their hair looking healthy and shiny.

We've rounded up a few tips that will help you get the look you want, whether you have thick, fine, or curly hair:

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair 

While you must ensure that your long hair is always clean, be careful not to overdo it. That leads to the all-important question of how often should men wash their hair?

Get A Proper Haircut

One of the most important things you can do for your long hair is to get a proper haircut. A good haircut will help get rid of split ends and damaged hair, while also giving you a neater and more stylish look overall. 

Your barber should be able to recommend a style that's best for your hair type and length.

Eat Healthily 

There's no underestimating the importance of a balanced diet in keeping hair healthy and strong. Eat meals rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and drink lots of water. 

Not only that, but avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking, as they will leave your body (and hair!) feeling worse for wear.

Use Quality Styling Products 

Like shampoos and conditioners, getting the right styling products for your hair can make a huge difference. 

You want your styling product to work with you, not against you, when it comes to getting the perfect look. It’s worth experimenting with what works for you – every man’s hair is different!

Does Long Hair Cause Hair Loss In Men? 

One of the biggest myths when it comes to taking care of long hair is that it causes hair loss in men. This is simply not true!

In fact, hair loss in men is usually caused by genetic factors, hormones, or certain medical conditions. So, relax; there's nothing about long hair that automatically leads to breakage.  

However, long hair is prone to tangling, and you may lose some strands as you struggle to comb it. It may also fall out when you do damaging hairstyles like buns, pigtails, braids, and dreadlocks.

As long as you avoid extremely tight hairstyles, and you care for your long hair properly (by reading this article...), you don't need to worry about hair loss. 

Maintain Your Long Hair With VITAMAN

So, there you have it — the long and short of taking care of your mane!

As with anything in life, nothing is one hundred percent certain, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit to find out what works best for you. 

But as long as you stick to the basics we’ve outlined here, your hair should stay healthy and look great for many months (or years) to come. 

Now go get yourself an all-natural treatment for dry hair that fits your needs and start giving those locks the love they deserve!
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