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Men's Greasy Hair - What Is It & How To Fix?

“I love how greasy your hair is” is not something many women say to their men.

Yet, despite the fact many women say it's a huge turn off, greasy hair is still a common occurrence for many men. 

The reason is simple: men's greasy hair is a big problem that most guys just don't know how to fix. 

stop oily hair men

That's where we come in. 

In today's blog, we'll be helping you understand  how to stop greasy hair before it ruins your love life. 

What Causes Greasy Hair?

Unless you’re sporting a wig or a weave, your hair sprouts directly from your scalp. You are probably aware that each hair coming from your head is not alive; it’s the follicle producing the hair in the scalp that’s living. 

So the grease doesn’t come from the individual hairs; it’s coming from the sebaceous glands in your scalp.  

When you were a little kid, your hair was softer and finer, and your sebaceous glands weren’t doing too much. Then that big bad puberty monster came knocking on your door, and boom! Your hair and skin turned into Grease City. 

So hormones are definitely a part of it, but different factors go into some people having greasier-looking or greasier-feeling hair than others.

Why Does My Hair Get Greasy So Quickly?

Some people notice that their hair gets greasy more quickly and obviously than others. 

So what makes some hair get oily faster? Hormone levels have something to do with it, as does that pesky old witch genetics. The fact is that some people just produce more sebum more quickly than others. 

If that’s your unlucky lot, you may find your hair gets greasy after just one day or even after a few hours.

Hair type is also a factor in how greasy your hair gets. 

Thicker, coarser hair holds the oil better and can appear less greasy after a long time. 

Fine, thin, straight hair will usually show excess oil right away.

how to stop mens oily hair

How Do You Stop Your Hair Getting Greasy?

At this point, you are probably wondering, “how do I stop my hair from getting greasy?” Is there anything to even be done if it’s just genetics, hair type, and the luck of the draw? 

You can actually do some easy things to make your hair less greasy. Like most things in life, diet and lifestyle play a part. 

Let’s look at the role hormones play in excess oil in your hair. Specifically, we are talking about the hormone produced when you are stressed out - cortisol. 

That naughty little chemical is responsible for wreaking havoc on the human body from head to toe when it is out of balance, and your scalp is included in the potential battle zones. 

Excess cortisol can increase the oil production in your sebaceous glands. That’s why you can break out with pimples when you are stressed out and why your hair can get greasier. 

Keeping your stress levels in check is of the utmost importance for many reasons, and now you can add “having gorgeous touchable hair” to that list as well.

Strangely enough, touch and stimulation can also lead to an unwelcome grease increase in hair town. When your scalp gets too much stimulation, the sebaceous glands get the message to produce more oil, perhaps to protect your suddenly stimulated scalp. 

So if you’re finding you have a problem with greasy hair (which you probably do if you’ve dived this far into this article), try to cut down on the amount of stimulation your scalp gets. 

Is It Good For Your Hair To Be Greasy?

Well, now you’re probably wondering if all your efforts to de-grease your hair will be bad for you in the long run. Is it good to let your hair get greasy? Does oily hair mean healthy hair? 

mens greasy hair

A little oil in your hair is perfectly natural and is actually good for your hair. The whole purpose of the oil pouring out of your sebaceous glands is to protect and support your hair. 

If you didn’t have enough oil, you’d be dealing with a dry, itchy scalp and dry, fragile hair. 

The only time the oil becomes a problem is when your hair starts looking grimy, and your scalp starts feeling dirty. That’s probably why you came here, mate!

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair If It’s Oily?

One factor we haven’t broached yet as a subject is how often should you wash your hair. Remember when we said overstimulation of the scalp could lead to excess oil production? 

Well, shampooing your hair is pretty darned stimulating to Mr. Scalp. Some people with oily hair may want to try shampooing less often than once a day. 

how to wash mens hair

If you’ve been washing your hair every day with shampoo and it still seems like an oil slick on top of your head, cut back to shampooing just a few times a week. There will definitely be an adjustment period where your hair looks greasier than ever, but that is your body getting used to the new routine. 

If you don’t see a noticeable change after a few weeks of washing less often, it’s also possible that you weren’t washing your hair enough. If you were washing your hair less than daily and feel like it was too greasy at that frequency, give daily washes a try. Basically, the message here is to change up the washing frequency and see if that helps.

Shampooing technique is also very important. Be gentle when applying the shampoo, and try not to scratch the scalp.

If you have longer hair, focus your efforts on the root and scalp instead of the full length, as that is where the oil is being produced so that you won’t end up with dried-out hair all over. 

Conclusion: How To Stop Greasy Hair

The last thing we haven’t mentioned yet is the importance of finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Everyone should be using products specific to their hair, especially if your hair tends to get greasy.

Our VITAMAN shampoo for oily hair uses only the best natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract, Rosemary Extract, Nettle Extract, and other unique plant ingredients sourced from the Australian Outback to gently cleanse your scalp while making sure hair stays strong and refreshed, not brittle. 

You may think oily hair doesn’t need a conditioner, but you’d be wrong, mate. Our conditioner for oily hair helps keep your pH balance in check to calm the scalp and hydrates your hair so the scalp doesn’t get the message to produce even more oil.  

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