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8 Great Australian Inventions That Changed The World

We Aussies are an innovative bunch and there’s a heck of a lot of world-class Australian inventions that we take for granted in the 21st Century.

We’ve listed some of the top inventions that you probably didn’t realize came from the land of down under! (And before you ask - no, we haven’t included the boomerang!) 

Without further ado...

power drill

Electric Power Drill - A Handy-Man’s Dream

If there’s one thing 90% of us Aussie gents love, it’s a bit of DIY. 

It’s hardly surprising, then, that the power drill sits among the most significant Australian inventions known to man. In 1889, Aussie engineer Arthur James Arnot submitted his patent for the world’s first electric drill. 

Initially, it was designed to drill holes into rock and coal. However, this technology laid the foundations for what would eventually become the world’s best handheld electric tool - every man’s favorite when putting up shelves for his wife at the weekend.

The Ultrasound Scanner - A Game Changer for Diagnostic Science

In 1976, the Australian Technology Developer - Ausonics - commercialized the Ultrasound scanner. 

By applying this technology to what was already known about television signals,  Ultrasound forever changed prenatal care for the better. Expecting parents were now able to see images of their pre-born without exposing them to X-ray radiation. 

Ultrasound technology has also played a significant role in the early detection of life-threatening conditions such as Hernias, Chrone’s disease, and hundreds of different types of Cancer.

google maps

Google Maps - The Most Downloaded Australian Invention

Lars and Jens Rasmussen were responsible for developing the Google Maps platform in Sydney during the early years of the 21st Century.

Partnering up with home-grown Australian techies Neil Gordon and Stephen Ma, Lara and Jens founded a small start-up company called Where 2 Technologies in 2003 to develop the world’s best global mapping system.

After a year, the company had made waves in the technology industry and was purchased by Google as a result. They also hired the four men to develop their software into what we know as Google Maps today.

The Pacemaker - A Lifesaving Surgical Implant  

Thanks to a few clever Aussies, heart failure is no longer considered the gruesome end that it once was. 

An artificial pacemaker is a device that sends tiny shocks to the heart to help it maintain a consistent beat. In the 1920s, Dr. Mark Lidwell and Edgar Booth pioneered this technology to lessen the dangers of heart problems. 

Since the 1960s, doctors have implanted the Pacemaker into the human body as a safety net for people who suffer cardiovascular problems. 

black box

The Black-Box Flight Recorder - Utterly Indestructible 

Flight is the safest form of travel globally, thanks to one Australian.

David Warren is the man responsible for inventing the black box flight recorder. A device designed to record the final moments of a plane crash and keep the data safe from the destruction below.

Every commercial plane used today contains a Black-Box - by law. Where did this first become law? Australia, of course! 

WI-FI Technology - The Most Widely-Used Australian Invention

Without John O’Sullivan and his achievements, you wouldn’t be able to do any of the fantastic internet-based activities we all take for granted in the 21st Century.

In the early 90s, Mr. O’Sullivan developed the foundations of modern internet technology when observing black holes in the depths of space.

This Australian invention has been used and expanded ever since to bring us the speedy internet connections we take for granted in 2022. 

race cam

The Race-Cam - As Close To The Passenger Seat As We Can Get

Is there anything more exhilarating than watching an F1 race car speed around a track at 200mph? How about watching it from the driver’s seat of the car itself?

Thanks to the modern race-cam, this excitement is a reality for any sports fan tuning in to watch their favorite motorsport on TV.

In 1979, Australian Channel 7 first shot their races from the car’s hood using what we now refer to as the Race-cam. Why is this such a big deal? It took millions of viewers from the observation areas of motorsports and put them at the heart of the action - in the driver’s seat of a multi-million dollar sports car.

Never before had race fans been able to witness what their sporting heroes saw at the wheel of the car - one of broadcast television and sporting history’s great Australian inventions. 

VITAMAN - Skincare’s Greatest Australian Invention 

How could we put together a list of game-changing Australian inventions and not include arguably the world’s best skincare brand?

Rewind to 1999 when VITAMAN first came to be. Since day one, we have made it our mission to create products with natural and organic materials in mind, from Kakadu Plum to Peppermint Oil. 

What’s more? We live and breathe Australia. If we can source our ingredients from our homeland, you better believe we will. That’s why we like to boast about our bush-tucker-inspired ingredients at any given opportunity - because we’re just that proud of our Australian heritage.

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