How to Get Rid of Back Acne - Best Bacne Treatment For Men

We're often asked about the treatment for bacne. 

While we're all familiar with acne (it's something we've all been through during those awkward teenage years) bacne is less commonly talked about but it can be just as embarrassing.

A quick search online does not bear fruit - there are only a few articles about the treatment for bacne. In today's article, we're addressing this problem. 

We'll explain what causes this embarrassing condition and what you can do to banish bacne for good.

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What causes back acne in males?

Back acne (aka pimples on the back) is mainly caused by a build-up of sweat and dead skin cells clogging up your pores.

But this isn't the only cause - several possible factors can cause or worsen Bacne.

    • Genetics - Acne can run in your family.
    • Hormones - Hormonal changes, especially in teenagers, can result in breakouts. For men, the main offenders are excessive Testosterone (the male sex hormone) and increased cortisol (the stress hormone).
    • Medication - Bacne can be a side effect from a variety of medications or supplements, especially those that affect your hormones such as anti-depressants.
    • Sweat - Excessive sweating - especially under tight clothing - can worsen Bacne breakouts. Trapping sweat against your skin leads to clogged pores which results in pimples.
    • Harsh Residual Chemicals - Certain chemicals from shampoos and conditioners can trap bacteria, creating a breeding ground for bacne.  Ingredients of concern include petroleum and silicone. 
    • Stress - Stress - while not directly causing acne - can be a contributing factor. A 2003 study from the Department of Dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine found "changes in acne severity correlate highly with increasing stress, suggesting that emotional stress from external sources may have a significant influence on acne." 
    • Lack of Sleep - Sleeplessness is a proven trigger for acne. This is strongly related to acne caused by hormonal changes, especially cortisol. While you sleep your cortisol levels naturally decrease. Having too little or interrupted sleep can stop this process not only causing you to be more stressed but have worse acne too.  

Does testosterone cause back acne?

Excessive testosterone and cortisol levels can both lead to an increase in acne and Back acne because they both contribute to the production of Sebum - oil produced by glands within the pores of your skin. 

Sebum is designed to remove dead skin cells away from hair follicles. However, having high levels of Testosterone and Cortisol can cause these glands to become over-active. 

This causes the glands to produce too much sebum which in turn blocks the pores - resulting in bacne.  

How to prevent back acne

When it comes to Bacne Treatment and preventing Bacne - they are the same.

Most cases of Back Acne don't require a trip to the dermatologist and can be effectively treated at home by making simple lifestyle changes. 

It's all about having a routine and sticking to it. Using the right products for your skin and following these simple steps. 

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What foods to avoid if you have back acne?

Do greasy foods cause acne?

The American Academy of Dermatology does not advocate dietary changes in order to manage acne, due to the lack of data in this field. There are studies that show a relationship between breakouts and diet but this has never been proven conclusively. 

Sugars and refined carbohydrates

Lots of sugars and certain carbohydrates can cause an increase in bacne. Any foods that have a high glycemic index will contribute to an increase in bacne.

This is because they cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Your body then produces large amounts of insulin, as well as other hormones, in response to bringing your blood sugar levels back to normal. 

This increase also causes an increase in sebum production thus causing breakouts. 

What foods help get rid of bacne?

While there are no foods that will get rid of Bacne completely, there are foods that help avoid insulin spikes and reduce inflammation - helping to improve the appearance of Bacne and better allowing your body to heal. 

Slow-release carbs

Whole grains, oats, and starchy vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. These are all Slow Release Carbs which unlike refined carbs take longer for your body to digest.

This means they don't produce the same sharp spike in your blood sugars but gradually release energy over time. 

No spike in blood sugar means no spike in hormone production. which in turn means no overactive sebum production, which means no Bacne. Simple right. 


Salmon is a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to reduce inflammation and lessen the appearance of acne. 

Other fatty fish such as tuna and mackerel, fruits such as strawberries and cherries. Even some spices such as turmeric have all been linked to a reduction in inflammation.  

Click here for a list of the natural and organic ingredients we swear by and use in our products.

Bacne treatment/back acne treatment that works

Showering after workouts

Don't let the sweat and toxins that get flushed out of your system sit on your skin, this is one of the most common causes of bacne. Make sure to shower as soon as possible after a workout.

Keep your shower temperature to 98°F (37°C) - 101°F (38.3°C).

Avoid taking a hot shower - more than 105 °F (41°C) - at all costs.

Hot water stimulates your skin's sebaceous glands which makes them produce more oil. And more oil means more pimples, acne and bacne!  

For the last 30 seconds of your shower set the temperature to cold - this closes your pores and makes it harder for them to become clogged.

Wearing loose-fitting clothes

When working out you often see guys wearing tight-fitting workout gear, the issue is that this can cause sweat to get trapped and block pores. The solution is to wear loose-fitting clothing to allow your skin to breathe and for sweat to wick away.

However, there is an alternative if you really can't give up those tight t-shirts that accentuate your hard-earned physique, then look to invest in smart fabrics that wick away sweat and use meshes to allow your skin to breathe. Make sure to change your gym clothes regularly or wash between wears.

Avoiding harsh chemicals

When we wash our hair the shampoo and conditioners will often run down our backs and cling to those hard to reach areas.

Applying Suncream can also contribute to the problem. Guys with long hair also need to be extra careful as the oils in our hair can also make acne worse.

Not to mention that most shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels can be a cocktail of harsh chemicals (parabens, sulfates, silicone and even formaldehyde) that can dry out your skin and make acne even worse.


Dead skin is one of the main causes of back acne, and it's easy to see why. Your back can be hard to reach when you shower and it can be difficult to scrub. This leads to a build-up of dead skin which in turn leads to Bacne.

The solution is to make sure you're exfoliating with a quality men's body scrub. This will remove dead skin and unclog pores revealing fresh clean skin underneath.

When selecting a body scrub look for one that contains natural ingredients, avoid any with those tiny plastic microbeads, they can clog pores and make Bacne worse. 

Having a balanced diet

Diet can have a drastic impact on our bodies affecting everything from weight, blood sugar levels, hormone production, and yes can even contribute towards acne.

Try to avoid greasy, oily foods and foods full of sugar. These can make acne and other skin conditions worse. Try to maintain a balanced and healthy diet with plenty of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits vegetables, and healthy fats.

Getting 8 hours sleep a night

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest known causes of acne, a bad nights sleep can disrupt your body's natural rhythms, throwing off hormone production as well as a host of other issues. Sleeplessness also causes you to be less able to handle stress another leading cause of acne.

If you don't get a good night's rest, the result could be a huge breakout the next morning. So go to bed early and change your bedding while you're at it. Your 2-month-old sweat-soaked sheets will not be helping.

Take time to de-stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of acne so it's important to find time to relax and relieve stress, pick up an energetic hobby, listen to your favorite music, read a book or try meditation.

It doesn't matter what you do, whatever helps you to relax, find what works for you, and make time for it. Even just 5 minutes of breathing exercises can be enough. Your skin will thank you.

How to get rid of Bacne fast

Bacne treatment is possible with a combination of a healthy lifestyle with a good diet, plenty of sleep, the right shower routine, sensible clothing choices, and choosing the right products to take care of your skin. It is that simple, the hard part is maintaining this consistently to avoid future breakouts.

It is also important to curb your expectations as this is not an overnight fix, nothing will get rid of Back Acne overnight and it may take a few weeks of consistent effort before the problem completely goes away.

Should you take all the advice we have provided and still not see any significant improvement, then it would be best to seek professional help from a doctor or dermatologist.

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