bamboo powder skin benefits

Bamboo Powder: Why It's Good For Men's Skin

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass (not a tree!) and is regularly used in food production, construction, homewares, and furniture.

So how can this plant be used in skincare? Find out in today's blog.

bamboo powder skin benefits

What is bamboo powder?

You might be surprised to see bamboo powder in our face scrub, but it’s a highly versatile plant.

However, with any construction process, there are offcuts. These bamboo offcuts are dried and milled to make bamboo powder, which has a wide variety of usages, including in the skincare industry.

Is bamboo powder good for your skin?

The bamboo powder works for your skin as a natural exfoliant, gently clearing away dead skin cells and opening pores.

The benefits of bamboo don’t end with it being a great exfoliant. Bamboo is also naturally rich in silica. Silica can boost collagen production, the protein that gives your skin fullness but naturally reduces as you age. As well as exfoliating your face, bamboo can leave your skin looking fuller and younger.

The other way bamboo keeps your skin looking at its peak is as a source of vitamins C and E. These vitamins are antioxidants, which protect your body from free radicals (unstable atoms that break down cells over time). Vitamins C and E achieve this by fortifying your immune system and reducing and repairing UV damage to your skin. UV damage is a great strain on your skin and emphasizes the signs of aging- any natural product which helps fight against that will leave your skin looking better than before.

Is bamboo powder good for men's sensitive skin?

As a plant fiber, bamboo powder is excellent for people with sensitive skin. It is less likely to irritate the skin as plastic-based scrubs can. It’s also better for the environment than plastic microbeads used in some scrubs, as bamboo biodegrades 500 times faster than plastic.

For those of you who have sensitive skin due to allergies, there’s excellent news! Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction due to its low allergen status, especially in powdered form. However, if you have a grass allergy, you may want to test a product containing bamboo on your wrist to ensure no reaction.

Bamboo also has antibacterial properties, which help clean your skin not only of dirt and sweat but the bacteria these can often bring. As such, skin care products containing bamboo powder can treat and prevent breakouts by clearing the bacteria that cause them.

Does Bamboo Powder Help Repair Men's Skin?

As well as boosting collagen production and cleansing your skin of bacteria, bamboo is excellent for general skin repair. The methanol in bamboo aids in healing skin, which can be great for people with acne.

A personal note from this writer: I had cystic acne as a teenager, and take it from me - plastic-based scrubs are very aggravating for acne. A scrub with bamboo is a gentle and highly effective way of dealing with painful skin complaints like acne.

All our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, enriched with native Australian botanicals. We list our ingredients in more detail and how and why we use them on our ingredients page.

In our Men’s Face Scrub, we feature bamboo powder and other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, which allows this scrub to not only exfoliate but also refresh your skin, keeping your face looking clean and clear!

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