How Men Can Add More Volume to Their Hair Naturally

“Pump up the volume!” is one of the top things said to both party DJs and hair stylists. Thin, flat, lifeless hair is on nobody’s Christmas wish list. You want big, bold bodacious luscious locks, and you’ve come to just the right place for it. 

how can men add more volume to their hair

But hold on - 

What is hair volume?

Maybe you’re confused about what we mean when we say volume. In hair terms, when we consider volume, we consider multiple things:

  • The thickness of the individual strands of hair
  • The density and number of hair follicles/individual hairs in the scalp
  • How thick hair feels
  • How full hair looks
  • Hair’s lift at the root

What factors influence the hair’s volume?

We’ve all heard the term “having a bad hair day.” What kind of hair situation are you envisioning when you hear that term? We doubt anyone will answer “a thick, high, voluminous mane.” 

No, you’re probably thinking of a flat, limp, lifeless ‘do just kind of playing dead on top of some unlucky bloke’s noggin somewhere. Luck is indeed a factor because it’s the luck of the draw when it comes to genetics. 

Thanks to Mum and Dad, some gents have a higher density of follicles in the scalp and naturally thicker shafts - hair shafts, of course, get your mind out of the gutter! Curly hair is also generally more voluminous in appearance.

But when it comes to those bad hair days, we’re usually thinking of a temporary decrease in the appearance of hair’s volume. Well, in that case, it’s usually a case of the weather. Humidity can weigh hair down, making it look flat and lifeless.

It could also be a case of a buildup of either oil or styling product. In that case, a natural shampoo for oily hair could be just the thing to remove what’s weighing hair down.

What are the signs of a loss in hair volume?

Hair does lose volume with age, both through hair loss and through the thinning and weakening of the shaft. If you’re noticing your hair feels thinner when you run your fingers through it, or if your part is looking wider and you can see your scalp more easily, the volume of your hair may be decreasing. 

Also, if your hair is long enough to pull back, you may notice your ponytail or man bun feels less substantial than usual.

There are different ways to alter the appearance of the volume of your hair. Let’s start with hairstyles.

Can a haircut or hairstyle add volume to men’s hair?

The right haircut can absolutely add the appearance of volume to even hair that’s starting to thin. We’ve previously talked about the best men's haircuts for thinning hair, but since these styles are for making hair look fuller, they’re worth checking out even if your hairline is the same as it’s always been.

Another thing you might want to try to give your hair more volume is growing it out. If your hair is on the super short side, there’s not a lot to work with when it comes to styling. You can’t lift hair up if the length isn't there, mate. 

The longer the hair, the higher it could potentially be with the right tools and products. 

Speaking of which - 

What products naturally add volume to men’s hair?

To nourish hair that seems to lack volume no matter what, start out by adding an excellent all-natural thickening shampoo followed by a thickening conditioner to your hair care routine. 

You might also want to consider adding a vitamin-packed hair food treatment to your post-shower routine. 

Our hair food has peppermint oil to stimulate circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth, plus protein-packed quandong seed extract to strengthen fine hair. Rub into towel-dried hair daily or every other day for noticeable results in four weeks.

If you’re trying to add volume to your style, make sure to use a hair gel formulated for fine hair, which is lighter and won’t weigh fine strands down.

A texturizing spray made with all-natural ingredients can help hair look bigger and fuller as well.

So go forth and pump up your hair’s volume with VITAMAN’s natural hair care products for men!

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