Do You Need To Use Shaving Cream To Shave Safely?

Picture this - you’ve been crawling through the Never-Never, the remotest part of Australia’s great Outback desert interior, for weeks. Sips from a near-empty canteen and protein-packed foraged witchetty grubs have sustained your life functions, but you’re in pretty rough shape, mate. 

Your skin is burnished and dry, your lips papery and blistered and in dire need of some lip and eye reviver gel, your nails are ragged and hideous, and flies relentlessly buzz around your face, darting in and out of your long gnarly beard.

do you need shaving cream

Finally, your weary eyes spot something on the horizon - is it a mirage? No, it’s some sort of shack! 

You fight back the tears to conserve moisture and crawl ever faster until you reach the shack. Inside, you guzzle your fill of fresh cold water at a sparkling clean porcelain sink, then, taking a gander at that aforementioned gnarly beard in the mirror, you reach for the brand-new razor resting on the sink. 

But wait a minute - where’s the shaving cream? 

Is shaving cream necessary? 

Can you shave without shaving cream? 

You simply must know immediately! Weird priorities, desert dude, but we respect your desire to take care of your skin. 

We’re here to help guys asking if you should always use shaving cream with our usual bounty of information and guidance.

What does shaving cream do?

Despite what you may have heard, shaving cream isn’t just a whipped cream substitute for dairy-allergic clowns getting pied in the face. 

Shaving cream acts as a moisturizing, lubricating barrier between your handsome mug and the sharp scary razor that you use to scrape away that five o’clock shadow. 

Using natural shaving cream or shaving gel helps create a moisturizing buffer between your skin and the razor, protecting your delicate skin from razor burn, redness, nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Is shaving cream harmful?

Of course, like everything else in our modern world, the shaving cream you find in the average medicine cabinet does have its drawbacks. 

We’re talking about the kind of shaving cream that comes in an aerosol can, which is better referred to as a shaving foam, even though most people think of it when they hear the term “shaving cream.” 

This shaving foam usually contains alcohol and soap, both of which are very drying to the skin. Isn’t that a funny thing to do to a bloke’s face when the whole point of the product is to moisturize? 

Shaving foam can also contain surfactant, artificial lubricants that can dry out your skin over time and accelerate the aging process. And here you thought shaving would make you look younger! That’s not where the list of chemicals stops, either. 

Between the phthalates, glycols, artificial fragrances, solvents, and preservatives, there’s no shortage of potentially harmful chemicals in your average can of foam shaving cream. 

What’s even worse, with the microscopic breaks in the skin that happen every time you shave, you’re potentially giving those chemicals direct access to your bloodstream.

how to shave without shaving cream

Is it OK to shave without shaving cream?

Back to that theoretical you in the desert shack, wondering how to shave without shaving cream. 

What’s the worst that could happen if you just grabbed a razor and scraped it across your dry stubbly face? 

Well, first of all, you’re increasing the risk of cuts and nicks, not to mention not getting the closest shave possible. 

Plus, you aren’t just asking for a serious case of razor burn, you might also end up with razor bumps. 

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can become pus-filled, painful, and infected, which will, ironically enough, have you wishing for that long scraggly beard you were just so eager to scrape off your face.

What can you use if you don’t have shaving cream?

We’ve freaked you out about the risks of chemicals in store-bought shaving cream, then we whipped you right back to inform you of the icky things that can happen if you dry shave. 

Well then, what are you supposed to use to shave? No worries, we’re about to tell you! 

While you could always go the Kramer route and try the butter shave, actually shaving with butter does cause some difficulties - namely, the butter does not rinse easily off the blades and has to be removed with a Q-Tip, as this writer discovered when he tried using a stick of butter to shave for himself. 

Several different types of oil have been used for shaving, as has a conditioner and even moisturizing lotion, but what we like as an alternative to foam shaving cream is shave gel. 

Our natural shave gel is crystal clear, which helps you guide the razor and see where you are going every time, meaning you don’t miss a spot, and you don’t over shave and irritate any spots either. 

Infused with soothing aloe vera and eucalyptus oil straight from our Australian homeland, our shave gel calms and protects your skin for the smoothest shave on the softest skin you can get.

Why are natural ingredients better for shaving?

Natural ingredients are better for your shaving products because of what we said before about the microscopic tears in the skin that occur every time you shave. 

Your skin is a protective barrier for your body, but it can certainly absorb whatever is applied to it through the pores. 

But when you shave, you’re giving those harmful chemicals in some store-bought shaving products direct access to your bloodstream. 

Our VITAMAN natural shaving cream comes in a tube, not a foaming can, and is made from the best all-natural ingredients around. 

Instead of water, we start with a base of antioxidant-rich White Tea, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can strengthen and protect skin from the inside. 

We also use reparative coconut oil, aloe vera leaf juice, and vitamin E, plus other natural plant ingredients sourced from the Outback.

Conclusion: Is Shaving Cream Necessary?

Shaving cream may not be essential when shaving your face, but that’s only if you want to risk irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Using some kind of lubricating protective barrier is the best way to get a smooth, clean, healthy shave. 

Want to really ensure shaving success? 

Try prepping your face with a shaving oil, which hydrates skin and gently lifts and softens facial hair before you slice it oh-so-close for the smoothest skin around.

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