vitaman shave creme
vitaman shave cream
Natural Shaving Cream
vitaman shaving creme
vitaman shaving products
Natural Shaving Cream
vitaman shave creme
vitaman shave cream
Natural Shaving Cream
vitaman shaving creme
vitaman shaving products
Natural Shaving Cream

Natural Shaving Cream

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    • No propane or alcohol! 
    • Creates a barrier between your skin and your razor, helping to prevent razor burn
    • Deeply moisturizes your skin pre-shave to soften your face and stubble and calm inflammation
    • Gives you a closer shave that leaves your skin feeling smooth, calm, and fresh
    • Loaded with moisturizing ingredients such as White Tea Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, and Vitamin E - along with other unique plant ingredients sourced from the Australian Outback
    • Naturally anti-inflammatory
    • If used as instructed, this product will last for approximately 30 shaves
    • Buy risk-free - 100% money-back guarantee

Daily shaving can be torture for guys with sensitive skin. It's time to make the switch from supermarket shaving creams and gave your face the TLC it needs.

You might have been using the same shaving cream for years. Perhaps it’s the alcohol-based devil that comes in a pressurized can. But if you’ve finally had enough of shave rash, in-grown hairs, nicks and cuts, and flaky skin, then you need VITAMAN Shave Crème.

VITAMAN Shave Crème acts as a natural moisturizing barrier between your skin and your razor. The result is a closer shave that leaves your skin feeling smooth, calm, and fresh.

Simply apply liberally to your skin, use a hot razor blade and like magic, irritation becomes a thing of the past! 

It's loaded with moisturizing ingredients such as White Tea Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, and Vitamin E - along with other unique plant ingredients sourced from the Australian Outback.

White Tea has an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin and can strengthen and protect the skin matrix. Coconut oil repairs damaged skin (and is an effective moisturizer) and our secret ingredient is Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) which deeply moisturizes your skin pre-shave to soften your face and stubble and calm inflammation.

To make VITAMAN a cut above the rest, we use anti-oxidant rich organic white tea as our base ingredient instead of plain water. You’ll find organic white tea in almost every VITAMAN product, helping to give your skin a healthy fresh feeling. 

5 oz (150ml)

If used as instructed, this product will give you approximately 30 shaves.

How It Works

  • The Best Shaving Cream for Men
  • Great for all skin types
  • Being low lather and unlike shaving foams, you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re driving that razor blade. The creamy formula makes precision shaving a breeze
  • Soothing aloe vera and coconut oil keeps your skin feeling fresh and smooth
  • No artificial fragrances here, we use Coconut Oil for our natural aroma
  • pH balanced formula suits the chemistry of your skin


  1. Apply a generous amount of Shave Crème to the areas you want to shave - leaving a visible layer as your barrier.
  2. If your beard growth is heavy or coarse, we recommend you use our Shave Oil underneath the Shave Creme, for extra protection. 
  3. Now you’re ready to shave. Prepare your razor blade with hot water, then shave firstly with the direction of your beard growth. (Hot steel cuts more efficiently than a cold steel blade.)
  4. Rinse the blade again with hot water, then shave across the direction of your hair growth. Shave around the lip and chin area last.  
  5. Replace your blade before it becomes too blunt otherwise skin irritation or infection may occur.
  6. Rinse excess Shave Crème with cold water.
  7. For the best results, follow with VITAMAN After Shave Balm and VITAMAN Face Moisturizer.


All our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, enriched with native Australian botanicals. We list our ingredients in more detail, along with how and why we use them, on our ingredients page.

We never use harmful synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or unnecessary colors.

Our products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, glycols, mineral oil, DEA, TEA, ethanol and lanolin.

Natural Shaving Cream - Major Active Ingredients:

  • White Tea Leaf Extract* 
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*
  • Vitamin E
  • Coconut Oil*
*Certified Organic Ingredient
74% Certified Organic Ingredients
98% Naturally-Derived Ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No animal derivatives
  • No artificial colors
  • No harsh detergents
  • No propylene glycols
  • No petrolatum
  • N mineral Oils
  • No phthalates
  • No Triclosan
  • No sulfates
  • No parabens
  • No silicones
  • No EDTA

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
No Lather and Soaks In

I recently migrated to a safety razor and wet shave with brush application. While I'm still experimenting with different products, I've come to expect some amount of lather and volume increase from a shaving cream when I mix it in my bowl. Unfortunately, Vitaman's shaving cream had no volume increase whatsoever. Adding water only made it drip off my brush and off my face. Even when I applied the cream by itself, it would disappear from my face before I got a chance to shave that area, providing little to no protection for my sensitive skin. Don't think I'll be getting this product again.
Alternatively, the pre-shave oil and post-shave balm seem to work well and the scent is quite nice.

Hey Kermit, thanks for your honest review! I've reached out to you by email too, but when we formulated our products, we purposely didn’t create lathering shaving products because the ingredients required to create a lather can cause skin irritation.

We found that preparing your skin pre shave with Shave Oil helps to protect the skin - and we tested this with professional barbers.

But even without the Shave Oil, using enough Shave Cream or Shave Gel and using a hot razor blade will give you a close, friction-free shave.

You should apply enough of the product that you can see ‘white’ Cream on your skin – if you can’t, then you’ve possibly massaged it in too much - like a moisturiser.

It is really good for the skin, but you want it staying on the surface.

The protection between the skin and the razor blade is the Cream, however if you tried to massage it thinking it would lather, it would have blended into the skin like a moisturiser.

It may take you a few days to get used to the non-lather. If you really want bubbles/lather, you could try mixing our Face & Body Cleanser with the shave crème as that is a gentle pH balanced cleanser that has a low lather.

And lastly, if you’re not happy we will happily refund your money, but we’d love you to try these techniques, especially with sensitive skin.

Thanks, Lauren - VITAMAN

A Cremier Shaving Creme

I purchased Vitaman's shaving gel and have been using it for the past few months and thought I would give the Creme a try. I'm impressed! The natural ingredients are great, and not containing anything that damages the skin is the main plus. You really do benefit taking some time to learn a bit of information on what routine helps and what may not be helping as well as shaving techniques. RMRS has definitely helped me there! I enjoyed the smell and liked how creamy it was. It did take a couple tries to make sure I wasn't adding too much water trying to get a lather going. When I did, the creme did its job well. No cuts and smooth skin after shaving. It is definitely a tougher choice whether to get the Gel of Creme next, but one thing is for sure, it'll be one of Vitaman's!

Thanks Kevin for your fantastic review.....both gel and creme are fantastic products it's up to personal choice. We're so glad you are enjoying our shaving range. Cheers, Clare - VITAMAN Founder

Absolutely awesome

I’m giving this 5 starts but only because I can’t give it any more!
Love the smooth clean feeling you get with this cream.
It’s absolutely fantastic.

Hi Stephen - thanks for your awesome review! We're so glad you love our Shave Creme. Thanks for being a VITAMAN. Cheers, Clare - VITAMAN Founder

Like Water

After having great success with the face scrub I next moved on to trying the shaving cream and was very disappointed. The consistency is on par with water. Barely covers the face & offer little lubrication. Soap & water would have worked better. Also frustrating the bottle is not shaped in a manner where it will stand upright on its own. the bottle has to be held to keep the contents from spilling out. Try applying water/creme with one hand, doesn't work. Its possible I just received a bad batch but I'll never know because I have no other bottles to compare with and I am not planning on buying again. The formula needs revamped.

Hey Steven. Glad you loved the Face Scrub. With our Shaving Cream (and all our products), we use natural ingredients and we don't use any artificial product thickeners like polyethylene glycol. We reached out to you separately but it may be that the bottle needs a good shake. :) We're very happy to replace the product or advise you further, just let us know. Thanks, Gavin!

This is good stuff!

I've been using Vitaman shave products for some time now and I LOVE them. When I saw that the Shave Crème was back in stock, I just had to try it. I'm really happy with the Shave Gel, but I wanted a comparison between the Shave Crème and the Gel. Since I got the bottle, I've been switching back and forth between the gel and the crème from shave to shave. I can't tell which I like better. Both are great! I think maybe the Shave Crème is more moisturizing and the Gel is more lubricating, but I'm still experimenting. I think this is my solution: For a normal shave, I generally shave twice...once with the grain and once against. Why not use BOTH products?!? After a Vitaman Face Scrub and application of Vitaman Pre-Shave Oil, it's time for the shave! For the first pass (with the grain and when the whiskers are longer), I think lubrication is key. So it's the Shave Gel for this part. Next, against the grain! At this point, I'll want more moisturizing as I finish the shave with a second pass so I'll apply the Shave Crème. It's smooth and lubricating as well as moisturizing, but I feel the crème really soaks into my skin as I finish with the blade, soothing away any chance of razor burn. BOTH products are great! And I highly recommend either. Perhaps it's just a matter of personal preference as to whether you like a lotion or a gel, but I think I may want both for those days when I can really treat myself to a perfect shave!

Hi Dan - thanks for your great feedback. You're absolutely right, the Shave Creme is great for guys with normal to dry skin that want that extra creamy texture and the Shave Gel is good for normal to oily skin and guys that want to see where they're driving that razor blade. At the end of the day it's personal choice! Thanks for choosing VITAMAN - Cheers, Clare - VITAMAN Founder

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