Men's Skincare Routines from Reddit Ranked

You’re the kind of independent bloke who thinks commercials don’t work on him. Nobody can tell you what to do, you just figure it out on your own with your best mate, Dr. Internet Search. 

Oh no, it looks like you’ve once again reached the gooey grimy bottom of the internet! Why else are you plumbing the depths of Reddit? Oh, it’s because you’re looking for a skincare routine? Really?

We’ve plunged the depths of Reddit with you before to evaluate men's skincare routines on Reddit. There is plenty of advice to be found in this carnival of terrors, but when it comes to skincare routines for men on Reddit, is any of the advice valid? 

Let’s see if we can rank some of the advice we find and maybe even figure out the best men’s skincare routine on Reddit.

Reddit can be a big scary place. While there are countless interesting subreddits that touch upon men’s skincare routines on Reddit, for the purposes of this exercise, we stuck to one thread. 

Since we figured our readers are mostly men seeking the advice of other men, we found a thread in r/AskMen which is men asking men what is your no bs skincare routine. 

Competing for the worst skincare routine from this subreddit are comments from user sexycocyx and ChicknStripz. Our first friend sexycocyx offered this helpful pearl of wisdom:

Well...I shower daily with body wash. Um.........ya.”

Besides not giving us enough to work with to classify this as a full skincare routine for men, showering daily with body wash alone is not going to be enough to meet your skin’s needs and make it the best it can be, even if it’s a body wash made with all-natural gentle ingredients. 

Does sexycocyx not have skin on his face that needs tending to? We also don’t appreciate the sarcasm with that last little comment, sir.

User ChicknStripz was more earnest with his reply, telling the internet “I use this soap from Mexico and it keeps my face clean and got rid of my acne. It’s like they put crack in it or something because now my face is super smooth.” 

While we stan a smooth-skinned king who cleans his face and cures his own acne, we wanted to know more about this magical Mexican miracle product. 

So imagine our disappointment when, in reply to another user asking what brand this cleanser was, ChicknStripz replied “no, my mom gets it from this old lady.” 

It’s kind of hard to start a solid skincare routine for men based on a mysterious soap obtained from an elderly woman in Mexico that may or may not contain narcotics. ChicknStripz has the mom hookup, but the rest of us are presumably less fortunate, which is why this routine is also at the bottom of our list.

Next up in our list ranking worst to best replies is SpaceHippoDE who opined “Sleep, eat well, drink enough water, stay out of the sun and stop popping pimples. Wash with lukewarm water in the evening.” 

We admire how SpaceHippoDE incorporated lifestyle elements into his answer. Getting a good night’s rest, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and protecting yourself from the sun are all super important for men who want healthy, clear skin. 

He’s also right to warn against popping pimples, as that’s a surefire recipe for infection and scarring.

But he loses us with the “wash with lukewarm water in the evening” part. Lukewarm water is right, that’s the best temperature for washing your face or showering since too hot or cold can dry the skin. 

But where’s the product? This kind of routine will help your skin, sure, but you need a few more steps and products if you want to take the best care of your skin.

Slightly better but in the same ballpark of advice was the contribution from user FacelessMane who said (sic) “It honestly depends on your skin type and this is something you'll have to experiment with to see what fits you best For eg. I never wash my face with soap unless I get something stubborn on my face. 

On the mornings I don't shower, it's just a few splashes of water. And then a couple of drops of cold-pressed argan oil. And I have very clean skin. It's not flawlessly clear but I personally don't want to go for that look.

FacelessMane is right that it’s best to fit your skincare routine to your skin type. Some dry-skinned blokes may want to limit the amount of soap they use so they don’t dry out their skin (although if you’re using a gentle natural cleanser that won’t be as big of a problem).

We also like that he uses argan oil, which we use in many of our products since we consider it to be one of the best all-natural ingredients in men's grooming products

But this routine isn’t going to work for everyone, as FacelessMane himself recognizes when he says it depends on your skin type. Men with oily skin will need to wash their faces more often with a good gentle cleanser. 

And most people, dry-skinned or otherwise, could benefit from including a high-quality facial moisturizer in their skincare routine. Men with dry skin will want to use moisturizer more often than oilier fellows, but even the greasy among us need moisturizer in their routines. 

FacelessMane’s skincare routine may not even really be working out for him, sadly - did you catch that last line about how he has very clear skin but it’s “not flawlessly clear but I personally don’t want to go for that look?” 

We’ve heard of cultivating a scruffy five o’clock shadow before, but this is the first we’ve heard about a dude trying to go for a look that presumably includes pimples and unclear skin. Weird choices, FacelessMane, but you do you. 

There were many other comments going on in this thread with various degrees of helpfulness and horror, but we found a lot of value in lady commenter rudebish

She started her thread by proclaiming her femaleness and telling Redditors that she was giving the “same advice I gave to my (teen) son and now daughter.

User rudebish went on to recommend starting with a cleanser and moisturizer as the basics, which is a great idea. She told the curious men how a gentle organic face cleanser can be used twice a day if needed, and how after using at night, men should pat their faces dry and then apply moisturizer. She also recommended sun protection.

These are all wonderful bits of advice, which is why we’re ranking this as the best skincare routine for men from this particular thread. It’s not a perfect skincare routine, though, seeing as how rudebish went on to recommend (gasp) drugstore skincare products, telling dudes “you can get stuff at the drugstore.” 

Don’t do it, men! 

Skincare products should have all-natural gentle ingredients and should be chosen based on your particular skin and lifestyle. It’s hard to find products like that at the drugstore.

We also see rudebish neglected to mention the importance of exfoliation for men. Guys, it’s so simple to maintain healthy clear skin with a good skincare routine. 

For a more complete basic skincare routine that’s easy to follow, check out our four-step basic skincare routine for men.