How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Your 50s

That's it. You're officially over 50.

Feeling a tad bittersweet about hitting that milestone?

You shouldn't. You made it this far despite all the anxieties, struggles, and hardships of life. You're tough as brick.

But even brick erodes over time. That’s why you can no longer work out or eat as you did in your 20s or   30s.

Similarly, you may have had a decent skincare routine in your youth. But now that your whole body is a bit different now, it’s time to change up that routine, too.

Here, we’ll give you some tips for taking care of your skin once you’ve crossed the 50-year-old threshold.

men's skin care over 50

What makes your skin different in your 50s?

It's good to keep in mind why your skin is not what it used to be :

  • Your skin cells take more time to renew themselves–their regeneration time is at least four times higher than what it was during your 20s ;
  • Your epidermis, which consists of your skin's protective layer, is now thinner ;
  • Your skin doesn't hold onto moisture as well as it used to,and it's a concerning matter since hydration is your skin's best friend ;
  • With every passing year, your skin continues to lose collagen— this « structural protein » is crucial for  maintaining your skin's elasticity.

In other words, now that you're in your 50s, your skin is weaker, thinner, drier, and saggier.

For these reasons, middle-aged skin is more prone to wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea,  skin tags, and other unsightly problems.

Understandably, even if you've had an excellent skincare routine since your youth, you can't just adapt it to your age simply by using more of the same products or using them more frequently.

Here's the master plan for taking care of your skin in your 50s:

  • Protect your skin from additional harm
  • Prevent, or at least slow down, further aging
  • Clean and moisturize your skin
  • Adjust your lifestyle and diet

    How to protect your skin in your 50s

    Because of your skin cells' low regeneration rate, your skin is more vulnerable to the aggressive effects of the sun’s rays.

    Yes, enjoying the radiant warmth of a sunny day feels fantastic, but your skin may not share that particular sentiment. Especially if you get blemishes,  liver spots, or elastosis - the scientific word for leathery skin.

    Hence, you need to start the habit of frequent sunscreen application, ideally, every time you go outside, even if it’s not for very long - and also in the winter, too. You don't have to put a lot on; just make sure it covers any skin that will be exposed to sunlight.

    men's skin care over 50

    What’s a good skin care routine in your  50s?

    Though it is true that we are all born unequal in terms of genetics—and that some of us naturally age better than other - there are still a couple of tricks you can use to delay the visible signs of aging

    For starters, get your hands on something with retinol - more commonly known as vitamin A - as it is an excellent ingredient to aid with collagen production and cell regeneration, which are both essential for preventing additional wrinkles.

    A quality eye serum is also a big part of an  older gent’s skin care routine.

    Applying it twice a day before you moisturize your face is a useful weapon against those dreaded creases and dark circles.

    What's the best way to cleanse and moisturize your face in your 50s?

    Remember, your skin is not as healthy as it once was. You still need to wash it daily, but you should not be too hard on it either

    For your body, ditch the bar soap and go for a simple body wash.While you may think that  bar soaps are more efficient at removing smells and oils, since older skin tends to  drier, there's probably no need for you to go all out with  removing your body grease and odors.

    For your face, clean it every morning with a gentle, natural cleanser. You should also consider using a scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell regeneration.

    After cleaning, moisturize your skin every day with a vitamin-enriched product.

    And if you shave frequently, give up on your favorite shaving soap in lieu of a shaving cream or gel. Doing so will cause less dryness and aggression to your skin.

    What lifestyle and diet should I adopt to have better-looking skin in my 50s?

    Regular exercise improves your skin's quality by stimulating blood flow and supporting skin cell health.

    If you've been a “no sport, no problem” guy, it's time you changed that philosophy.

    Does that mean you have to endure a daily, two-hour-long workout? Of course not. 

    The important thing is to keep yourself moving. Walk regularly, swim at your local swimming pool, or ride a bike. Adopt a short morning fitness routine, with stretching and simple exercises, like push-ups. With just 10 minutes of exercise per day, your skin will thank you!

    As for your diet, that probably needs  a change too.

    As a starting point, it’s time to keep your sugar intake in check Too much sugar, for example, can reduce collagen production even more. Same goes for alcohol! Not only does alcohol consumption add to your overall sugar intake, but it also leads to the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

    The big idea here is to keep a balanced diet because your body is not what it used to be, and it can’t keep up with  your guilty indulgences anymore.

    One last thing: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated.

    Summary: Men's skin care over 50

    Now that you know how to take care of your skin when you're over 50, there's no reason to not apply these tips into your daily life to look and feel younger.

    To turn back the sands of time on your skin, invest in our anti-aging  wrinkle smoother serum. After a few weeks, you will definitely notice a difference.