How To Shave Without Cutting Yourself

What first inspired primitive man to take blade to beard? Was it catching a glimpse of his reflection in a pond and mistaking himself for a bear? Perhaps a hot date with a cave lady? 

Whatever it was, we can’t imagine the first man to shave did so without inciting a pretty wicked case of razor burn. 

The fear of cuts, nicks, and irritations is no reason to go through life with a beard. A beard is a beautiful choice for countless men. It should never be forced upon a bloke because he’s worried - he’ll hurt himself. 

So how do you shave without getting cuts or irritation?

how to shave without getting a cut

How do you avoid shaving irritation?

There’s a lot you can do to prepare before shaving to ensure a smooth, irritation-free shave.

First off, it is of the utmost importance that you get your face nice and warm and wet before getting a razor anywhere near it. 

A nice warm rinse will not just feel amazing; it will also help soften the skin, lift the hair, and open the pores, all things that make it less likely that you’ll cut yourself.

Making sure to warm the razor blade also makes it less likely that you’ll cut yourself. 

A hot razor slices through the hair shaft more easily, making less work for you and meaning you don’t have to pull as hard, making accidental cuts less likely. Warm blade gliding over warm wet skin is good, dry cold razor scraping over dry cold skin not so much. 

Blokes with sensitive skin want to go the extra mile by shaving with the grain of the hair. We know you usually shave against it to get a closer cut, but by shaving with the grain, you make ingrown hairs and irritation a lot less likely.

Why do you get razor bumps when you shave?

So we’ve avoided slicing and dicing the skin on your face - but that’s not all the fun surprises that can come from a poorly-wielded razor. Razor bumps are basically ingrown hairs. 

Sometimes, the hair grows back into the skin instead of popping out and being normal beard hair. The hair gets out from under the skin and then curls right back into it, but what can also happen is that the follicle gets so clogged from excess dead skin that the hair grows sideways into the skin instead.

Either way, you’re left with a red, irritated, gross, painful bump.

How can you get rid of razor bumps fast?

If razor bumps are a common problem for you, you’ll want to shave with the grain, as we suggested earlier. 

Maybe you need a little more explanation as to the reasoning behind this advice, so here goes - when you shave against the grain, you’re making that tiny little leftover stubble hair razor-sharp and super short. 

You’re also training the hair to bend and grow backwards. 

Shave with the grain, and you’ve got a hair laying down along the skin in the direction it is growing with no desire whatsoever to stab you.

Exfoliation is essential in preventing razor bumps as well. 

Get yourself a natural face scrub and work that into your skincare routine two or three times a week. Exfoliating with an all-natural face scrub sloughs off loads of those pesky dead skin cells, which can clog your follicle and trap the hairs in the skin.

But if you are already dealing with those pesky red bumps, you could put a nice cold compress on them for some relief or apply aloe vera or some other soothing anti-inflammatory lotion. 

There is something else you can do if you want to get more aggressive about it. If you can see the naughty little hair inside the razor bump, it is possible to grab a pair of tweezers and guide it out. 

Just sterilize the tweezers first and not completely rip the hair out, as that will likely cause the problem to recur. 

Does aftershave help shaving irritation?

Only if you get the right kind of aftershave

Traditional aftershave like Aqua Velva is more of a weak cologne - alcohol-based, of course.

In theory, it is supposed to be a disinfectant for all the tiny cuts you just made on your face, but the bad may balance the good, considering how drying and irritating all that alcohol and fragrance would be to freshly shaved skin.

Our Natural Aftershave Balm For Men is infused with all-natural Australian botanicals to soothe, cool, calm, and hydrate your face after shaving. 

Guess what? It also prevents razor bumps, razor burn, and irritation by keeping your skin thoroughly moisturized and chillaxed.

What products should you use when you shave?

The right products for your shaving routine are essential to avoid getting shaving bumps. 

Start with a fantastic all-natural shave oil, which we consider the ultimate pre-shave secret. It lifts and softens beard hairs, giving you the easiest, smoothest possible shave, and also moisturizes the skin underneath the beard, the very skin you’re so desperately trying not to cut.

Next up, you’ve got a choice on what to slather on immediately pre-razor. 

We’ve got a creamy, low-foam shave cream to make a protective layer between your razor and your face. But we also have a shave gel for gents who want to see where the razor is going for the most accurate shave.

Then, of course, we also told you about our aftershave balm for soothing your face post-shave and preventing irritation. That about covers it on Vitaman’s natural shaving products for men!

So let this article be the beginning of a lifetime of clean, un-nicked post-shave skin. Good luck out there, gents!