what does alcohol do to mens skin

What Does Alcohol Do To Your Skin?

It’s been a long week, and there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one with the boys after a hard day’s graft.

Regardless of your beverage of choice, occasional alcohol on the weekend can be great for relieving stress. 

So, dear social/moderate drinker, we are not judging you for indulging in a few drinks once in a while. We'll only raise our eyebrows if you start having one too many happy hours…

You see, it is important to remember that you can have too much of a good thing, and booze is no exception.

what does alcohol do to mens skin

Too much alcohol can harm your liver, brain, and heart health, and it can also increase your risk of depression, diabetes, and cancer.

Sadly, that's not all — regular heavy nights of drinking can also affect your skin adversely.

So, if you're keen on maintaining flawless and healthy skin, you may want to focus all your attention on this article. Here, you'll learn all you need to know about how excess alcohol makes your skincare regime ineffective!Let’s get cracking!

Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For Your Skin?

The short answer is yes, too much booze is terrible for your skin health, and don your lab coats because we’re about to dive into a biology lesson…

The bottom line is that alcohol contains toxins that your liver must break down to keep you healthy. When you drink more than you should, it overwhelms your liver and makes it ineffective in breaking down the toxins.

So, other organs, like the skin, rise to the occasion by helping the liver do its job. This means that your skin starts eliminating the toxins through your pores, and the toxins, true to their nature, will irritate your skin.

So what does this mean for your skin? Let's take a closer look at some of the most common red flags:


Because my whiskey and coke are liquids, it's only natural that it will increase my hydration level, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works… Alcohol drinks are diuretics - they increase your urine flow. By losing more water than you are taking in, they cause dehydration.

When your skin gets dehydrated, it sets off a chain reaction of skin problems. Your skin will look dry, cracked, and feel extremely itchy. It also causes sunken eyes and dullness and puts you at risk of various skin infections.

It's important to note that dehydrated skin is a condition while dry skin is a skin type — they're not the same.

Skin Infections

Too much alcohol increases your risk of a weakened immune system. That means any injury to your skin will have a hard time healing fast, and scars will remain for longer. A weakened immune system also increases your risk of infections like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Dark Circles

Heavy drinking can make your under-eye blood vessels wider or dilated. This makes dark circles under your eyes more prominent. Alcohol can also increase your chances of dark eye circles by negatively impacting sleep.

We went into this topic in more detail when we spoke about the difference between dark circles and eye bags!

Puffy Eyes/ Inflammation

Alcohol can cause bloating or inflammation in different parts of your body, especially the eyes. Drinking too much may cause dehydration which could push your body into trying to conserve water by all means. This includes enlarging the blood vessels in your face to retain water.

Hyperpigmentation/Skin Coloration

If you fancy a bright and glowing complexion, then you need to avoid heavy drinking. Alcohol can trigger and increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun, putting you more at risk of sunburn and all the consequences that come with it, like skin coloration (hyperpigmentation), age spots, or wrinkles.

So, next time you have a few drinks with your friends, make sure to keep an eye on how your skin is reacting!

Does Alcohol Make Men Age Faster?

Simply put - Yes, drinking more alcohol than you should will make you age faster (both internally and externally!).

While every guy will age naturally over time, specific environmental and lifestyle factors influence how quickly you'll age.

When you drink heavily, your skin suffers and loses its elasticity/strength due to the decrease in the production of elastin and collagen, two proteins that help to keep skin tight and wrinkle-free.

This means it'll increase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, eye bags, and other aging symptoms.

Over time, drinking will also take a toll on your cardiovascular health since alcohol consumption raises cholesterol levels. In the long run, this can lead to heart disease and other serious health concerns.

Can You Reverse The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Skin?

Thankfully the effects of alcohol on your skin are not irreversible. Following these tips can help you repair the damage to your skin:

Stop Drinking Alcohol

This goes without saying, so if you can abstain from alcohol, your skin will thank you for it. But not everyone can, and that's okay too, as long as you’re more mindful about the quantity of alcohol you consume.

Drink Water Regularly

Water helps minimize the negative effects of alcohol on your skin by keeping you hydrated. It also helps your liver to eliminate toxins from your body more efficiently. Drinking more water can tighten your skin, slow aging, reduce puffiness, clear acne, and balance your skin pH.

Eat a Balanced Diet

The food you eat can nourish your body organs or damage them. As the largest organ in your body, ensure that your skin has all the nutrients it needs to thrive. So, trash the junk and add more fruits, veggies, and proteins to your diet.

Fatty fish, avocado, seeds, nuts, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and red grapes are examples of foods that promote skin health.

Use The Right Skincare Products

What goes on your skin is as important as what you take in. So, ensure that you're using quality skincare products that use natural ingredients so you don't introduce even more toxins into your skin!

We’d recommend the Age Defender Kit in your fight against alcohol-damaged skin! Containing our Vitamin C Face Serum, iZone Eye Serum, and our Anti Wrinkle Smoother Serum, this potent trio will help to address fine lines and wrinkles while working to improve the appearance of your skin’s brightness and elasticity.

With products that feature naturally sourced Australian ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with incredible skin… That’s the VITAMAN guarantee!

Why Is Alcohol An Ingredient In Skincare?

Walk down the aisle of any drugstore and you’ll find a lot of the skincare products have one thing in common… they contain alcohol - here's why:


It Gives a Nice Feel

Alcohol can make an otherwise heavy skincare product feel light or weightless. 


Alcohol Helps Penetration and Absorption


Another reason for alcohol in skincare products is its ability to ensure that active ingredients penetrate the skin more efficiently.

It Helps Preserve The Product

Another reason for using alcohol in skincare products is that it helps to preserve the product by preventing ingredients from going bad. It also stops bacteria and other nasties from growing in the product, increasing its shelf life.

But all this usually comes at a cost…

Does Alcohol In Skincare Damage Skin?

Short answer: Yes, alcohol in skincare products can damage skin and lead to premature aging signs.

When you use skin care products containing such alcohol, they can:

  • Destroy your skin cells and cause inflammation
  • Be too harsh on your skin and cause dryness and irritation
  • Make already oily skin produce more sebum


Your best bet is to stick with natural skincare brands like VITAMAN, which use milder and yet more effective alcohol alternatives.

Treat Your Skin To Natural Alcohol-Free Products From VITAMAN

So, what can you do to avoid all the damage that alcohol can do to your skin?

Well, one of the best ways to ace your skin goals is to ditch the booze (or at least be more mindful about the quantity of alcohol that you drink!). And more than cutting down on your drinking, ensure that your skincare products are also alcohol-free.

Luckily, you don't have to waste time scanning through the ingredients on every skincare product at the superstore. That's because, with VITAMAN, you're always safe.

At VITAMAN, we provide you with the best quality natural skincare products devoid of harmful chemicals and toxins — including alcohol.

You can expect a noticeable improvement in your skin within a few weeks of using our products - or get your money back!

That’s the VITAMAN promise!

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